space tech

SpaceX Wins Contract For International Space Station Disposal

NASA selects Elon Musk' SpaceX to build deorbit vehicle for International Space Station at the end of its operational life

2 weeks ago

NASA Uses Laser To Beam Cat Video From Deep Space

Space communications. NASA JPL streams ultra HD video of cat back to earth from deep space, 19 million miles away…

7 months ago

Jeff Bezos Selects 82-Year-Old Woman To Join Spaceflight

A 82 year-old woman who trained for NASA's Mercury program in the 1960s chosen by Jeff Bezos for a seat…

3 years ago

SpaceX Announces First-Ever All Civilian Flight Crew

Inspiration4 will be the world’s first all-commercial astronaut mission that will put all an civilian crew into orbit in Q4…

3 years ago

SpaceX Confirms Floating Spaceport For Mars Missions

Job listing for 'offshore operations engineer' on SpaceX website, reveals Elon Musk's plan for floating spaceport for Mars missions

4 years ago

Why Has Google Leased Historic Moffett Airfield From NASA?

Will Google use its newly acquired Moffett Airfield for drones or more exotic airborne technology?

10 years ago

Self-Healing Electronics Breakthrough Promises Device Longevity

US researchers have created a 'self-healing' circuit board, a development that could have big implications for space travel

13 years ago

Atlantis Lift Off Ends NASA Space Shuttle Programme

The Space Shuttle Atlantis has lifted off from Kennedy Space Centre for NASA's final Shuttle mission

13 years ago

UK Docks With US And Russia On Green Space Tech

The agreement will help projects including the analysis of climate change data from earth observation satellites

14 years ago