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Tesla Reaches $1 Trillion Valuation

Car maker Tesla now worth at least double that of Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford combined, after breaching $1 trillion market…

18 hours ago

Waymo Opens Self-Driving Taxi Testing In San Francisco

Alphabet's self-driving car division Waymo expands its testing program for its self-driving taxis to some San Francisco residents

2 months ago

US Regulator Opens Official Investigation Of Tesla Autopilot

Federal vehicle safety regulator in the US launches formal investigation of Tesla’s Autopilot, after a series of fatal crashes

2 months ago

Alphabet’s Waymo Raises $2.5 Billion Funding

Fresh round of investment into self-driving division of Alphabet, to help grow Waymo and develop its autonomous driving tech

4 months ago

Waymo Taxi In Arizona Confused By Blocked Road

Self-driving Waymo taxi blocks road after lane is closed down, and it escapes the roadside assistance staff sent to fix…

5 months ago

UK To Regulate Self-Driving Cars On Motorways

The future of driving? Self-driving cars are to be approved for slow speed use on British motorways, as soon as…

6 months ago

Toyota Buys Lyft’s Autonomous Car Unit for $550m

Japanese car maker Toyota acquires the autonomous vehicle division of ride-hailing firm Lyft, after four years of development

6 months ago

Two People Die As Tesla With No Driver Crashes

Autopillot abuse? Tesla car crash in Texas kills two passengers, with police reporting that no one was actually in the…

6 months ago

Microsoft Cloud To Help Volkswagen Self-Driving Push

German car maker Volkswagen expands Microsoft partnership to use Azure cloud services to help it develop self-driving cars

9 months ago

Microsoft Invests In GM’s Cruise For Self-Driving Future

Software giant confirms it is part of a $2 billion investment in GM's Cruise self-driving unit, which will utilise Azure…

9 months ago

Apple Sets 2024 Deadline For Passenger Vehicle – Report

Project Titan update. Apple hopes to produce passenger vehicle in 2024, with new battery design to 'radically' reduce cost and…

10 months ago

Tesla Autopilot Rated ‘Distant Second’ By Consumer Reports

More bad news for Tesla Autopilot system after Consumer Reports testing found it is 'distant second' to similar system from…

12 months ago

Uber Safety Driver Charged With Homicide Over Fatal Crash

Backup safety driver involved in autonomous driving test in Arizona that killed a pedestrian is charged with negligent homicide

1 year ago

NTSB Slams Tesla’s Autopilot Safeguard, Blames Regulator Oversight

Tesla and US safety regulators criticised over a lack of safeguards in a fatal 2018 Autopilot crash by US National…

2 years ago

CES 2020: Intel Shows Off Folding Computer Panel

Intel concept of a laptop-like computer created from a single folding screen, plus impressive self-driving Mobileye demonstation using camera-only tech

2 years ago

Uber Fatal Accident SUV Had Safety Flaws – NSTB

Uber self-driving car that hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the road had 'safety flaws', said the NSTB

2 years ago

Uber IPO Sets Market Value At $82bn Despite Lack Of Profit

Public offering to raise $8bn to drive expansion and fund driverless cars and food delivery

2 years ago

Fully Automated Vehicles ‘More Than Ten Years Away’

Developers see major technical challenges in making automated cars road-worthy – and adapting to a regulatory environment that doesn't yet…

3 years ago

Uber Not Liable For Fatal Accident

Uber not responsible for death of pedestrian during autonomous vehicle testing in Arizona last year

3 years ago

Apple Employee Stole Driverless Car Data – Report

Trade secret theft. Self-driving car data allegedly stolen by Apple staff who then tried to flee to China

3 years ago

Uber In Tech Sharing Talks With Alphanet’s Waymo

Possible thaw in frosty relationship between Uber and Alphabet's Waymo as talks begin over self driving tech

3 years ago

Google Builds Up Self-Driving Cars Team Ahead Of Moonshot Graduation

Alphabet is advertising for a head of real estate to establish a new base for its autonomous project when it…

5 years ago

Driverless Cars ‘To Add Billions’ To UK Economy

KPMG report predicts wide range of benefits from next generation of vehicles

7 years ago

CES 2015: Audi and Mercedes Show Off Self-Driving Car Concepts

As Audi's A7 sets off on an automated voyage from San Francisco to Las Vegas, Mercedes details its idea of…

7 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Google Cars And Other Tech Transport

Google's driverless cars can break the speed limit. What else do you know about tech transport?

7 years ago