Satellite Broadband

Amazon Gains FCC Approval For $10 Billion Broadband Satellite Project

Watch out SpaceX and OneWeb, as Amazon's Project Kuiper gains official approval from the FCC for 3,200 broadband satellites

3 months ago

UK Government To Acquire £400 Million Stake In OneWeb

Watch out SpaceX's Elon Musk? British government and Bharti Global announce deal to acquire satellite broadband company OneWeb

4 months ago

SpaceX Promises To Fix ‘Brightness’ From Satellite Fleet

Stargazer complaints about the growing fleet of SpaceX satellite ruining their ability to see the stars has brought a response…

6 months ago

OneWeb Launches More Satellites, Despite Bankruptcy Report

London-based broadband provider launches more satellites into space to increase coverage, despite Coronavirus and reports of bankruptcy move

7 months ago

SpaceX Blasts Off More Satellites, Amid Pandemic

Another 60 Starlink satellites fired off into Earth's orbit, as the Coronavirus sweeps the planet and communities below

8 months ago

OneWeb Launches Another 34 Broadband Satellites

SpaceX challenger OneWeb this week launched another 34 satellites to bring its total to 40 in orbit, as its rivalry…

9 months ago

SpaceX Adds To Growing Satellite Broadband Constellation

Another 60 Starlink broadband satellites launched by SpaceX, as part of its planned 12,000 strong constellation

10 months ago

SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Broadband Tested By US Military

The US Air Force has tested ultra-fast broadband in a plane's cockpit, thanks to Space X's growing satellite network

1 year ago

SpaceX Plans 24 Starlink Launches Next Year

SpaceX executive confirms low earth orbit-based broadband project will see 24 Starlink launches in 2020

1 year ago

OneWeb Satellite Network Denies Russia Refused Approval

Satellite firm denies Russia refused approval for it to use radio frequencies in that country

1 year ago

OneWeb Satellite Network Fails To Gain Russian Approval

Russia continues to say 'net' to British firm's plan to offer broadband satellite services in that country

1 year ago

Bezos Admits Amazon Broadband Satellite Network Will Cost Billions

Amazon boss opens up about satellite plan, as animal rights protester interrupts him on stage

1 year ago

SpaceX Raises $1bn To Fund Satellite Broadband Constellation

SpaceX hopes to use the satellite broadband service to fund manned missions to Mars – but first it must fend…

1 year ago

SpaceX Launches 60 Broadband Satellites Into Low Earth Orbit

SpaceX begins rollout of its Starlink satellite-based broadband network, with the first of 12,000 satellites

1 year ago

Ofcom Could ‘Liberalise’ Spectrum Allocation For Satellite Broadband

Easier access to spectrum, with provision of additional spectrum among watchdog promises for satellite broadband

4 years ago

Nationwide 30Mbps Satellite Broadband Service Goes Live

Avanti and Avonline offer 30Mbps service to everyone in the UK, claiming rural communities will benefit from affordable superfast broadband

4 years ago

Lufthansa Will Offer Short Haul In-Flight Wi-Fi From October

Lufthansa gets certification to install Ka-band equipment on its planes and will start service later this year

4 years ago

ViaSat Outlines Plans For 100Mbps Satellite Broadband

Work begins on new satellites that promise affordable, high-speed broadband for global audience

5 years ago

Inmarsat Gets European Space Agency Backing For Mobile Satellite Services

ESA funding for Inmarsat will go on study looking at next generation of mobile satellite technologies

5 years ago