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Amazon Web Services Wins Contract From UK Intelligence Agencies

American cloud giant Amazon Web Services wins contract to host the UK's most sensitive national security data, but Labour wants…

3 years ago

Social Media Data Shared By GCHQ WIth Foreign Governments

Facebook and Twitter accounts are being analysed by intelligence agencies, warns Privacy International

7 years ago

European Court Of Justice May Rule On UK Surveillance Law

The legality of last year's Investigatory Powers Act may be referred to the European Court of Justice, following a challenge

7 years ago

British Spy Agencies Have Carried Out Bulk Data Collection For Years

British intelligence agencies have been bulk collecting our personal data to a “staggering extent”

8 years ago

Fake Mobile Towers Spy On UK Phone Users

British mobile users revealed to be under survelliance from police and other forces using fake mobile phone towers

9 years ago

ISPs From Around The World File Legal Complaint Against GCHQ

Seven communications providers say the British intelligence agency is damaging their business

10 years ago

Government Has ‘Secret Policy’ To Intercept Facebook, Google And Twitter

Charles Farr statement reveals how the government could legally intercept people's social network data by separating internal and external comms

10 years ago

UK Charity Files Complaint Against GCHQ, Alleges Human Rights Violations

According to Privacy International, GCHQ’s intrusive malware operations violate articles 8 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights

10 years ago

Privacy Pros Delight At International Surveillance Malware Pact

Digital surveillance and state-sponsored malware are added to the Wassenaar Arrangement on controlling exports

11 years ago

Privacy Group Complaint Says Telecoms Giants ‘Colluded’ With GCHQ Snooping

BT, Verizon and Level 3 amongst those included in a Privacy International complaint with the OECD

11 years ago

BT, Vodafone Threatened With Legal Action Over ‘GCHQ Collusion’

Verizon Business, Level 3, Viatel and Interoute also asked to open up on alleged GCHQ collaboration

11 years ago

PRISM: Privacy International Issues Legal Challenge Against GCHQ Snooping

Organisation hopes to make a dent in the UK government's alleged widespread snooping, but its legal challenge will be heard…

11 years ago

UK Government Faces Trial Over Privacy International Surveillance Suit

Privacy International wants to know why the government isn't talking about export of spy gear from British firm Gamma

11 years ago

Activists Sue UK Government Over Spy Software Supplier

HMRC sued by Privacy International over investigation into British seller of surveillance software thought to have targeted human rights activists

11 years ago

HMRC Under Pressure As British Surveillance Software Used In Ethiopia And Vietnam

Government pressured to reveal what steps it has taken to stop Gamma selling its FinFisher kit to repressive regimes

11 years ago

Google: Governments Hungrier Than Ever For People’s Private Data

Transparency Report shows another jump in requests for Google account user information

11 years ago

Blue Coat Caught Up In Global Surveillance Storm Again

Company's tech found in nations including China, Russia, Egypt and Bahrain, but are they being used for negative purposes?

11 years ago

Brit Firm Implicated In Bahrain Activist Cyber Spy Attacks

British organisation is implicated in a cyber spy campaign that appears to be going after activists in Bahrain

12 years ago

UK Government Faces Lawsuit Over Surveillance Technology Exports

Snooping gear has gone to Syria, Iran and Egypt, and Privacy International isn't happy

12 years ago

Privacy Advocates Urge UK Gov To Protect Rights Online

A group of privacy campaigners is calling for clearer online rights, ahead of today's cyber security conference

13 years ago

Met Police Acquires Mobile Phone Monitoring Kit

The Met Police will not confirm reports that it has acquired technology to monitor mobile phone calls

13 years ago