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New Challenges, New Skills

New Challenges, New Skills

Soft skills still top of the requirement list for tech employers, according to data from online career and hiring marketplace Digital Profile. Learn which skills your business needs to stay competitive and profitable.

Sean Michael Kerner

Git Soothes PHP Security Fears… For Now

In a classic watering hole attack, hackers compromised a well-known, respected high-traffic Website and planted malware in a bid to infect unsuspecting visitors. On 24 October, Google began to flag as being a site hosting malware, i.e., potentially a watering hole. is the community home for the open-source PHP programming language that powers

PHP Gets Security Updates

The widely deployed PHP language has been updated with two important patches fixing both security issues and stability bugs

ActiveState Ships Komodo 7 IDE

The Komodo 7 integrated development environment for Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and Perl is billed as the ‘world’s fiercest IDE’