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Outage Resolved At Elon Musk’s X

Social media platform X (aka Twitter) is back up and running, after thousands of users in US, UK and Europe…

6 months ago

Major Twitter Outage Caused By Single Engineer – Report

Cost of conducting mass layoffs? Major Twitter outage this week triggered by just one engineer shutting down free access to…

1 year ago

Microsoft Investigates Outage With Teams, Outlook

Thousands of users are reporting problems accessing Microsoft services on Wednesday, as firm says it is investigating

1 year ago

Twitter Back Online After Global Outage

Early hours outage at Twitter - the first major disruption at the platform after Elon Musk sacked most of the…

1 year ago

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Suffer Global Outage

As CTO departs, a major global outage rocks the Facebook platform, as well as its WhatsApp and Instagram platforms on…

3 years ago

Twitter Slowly Recovers After Global Outage

Global outage “just about fixed” but problems are still ongoing after significant disruption

5 years ago

Apple Services Recovered After Tuesday Outage

Users of Apple services around the world suffer disruption on Tuesday, but services are now restored

5 years ago

Instagram Back Online After Worldwide Outage

Normal service resumed after brief worldwide outage for the photo-sharing service

6 years ago

British Airways Blames Power Surge For IT Outage, But Questions Still Remain

ANALYSIS: BA's IT outage could have been caused by more than just a power surge

7 years ago