Researchers Release Micropatch For ‘BlueKeep’ Critical Windows Flaw

The bug has been compared to the 'EternalBlue' vulnerability behind WannaCry, NotPetya and other worldwide malware outbreaks

3 years ago

Ransomware Attack Cripples Cosco Shipping Network – Report

US network of shipping giant taken down after suffering an apparent ransomware attack

4 years ago

Researchers: Malware Surge ‘Could Indicate Imminent Attack’

Another NotPetya? The rapid spread of VPNFilter malware could mean plans for a fresh attack on the Ukraine - where…

4 years ago

White House Condemns Russia For NotPetya Ransomware Attack

American officials warn of 'international consequences' for Russia because of NotPetya ransomware attack

4 years ago

UK Officially Blames Russia Military For NotPetya Ransomware

Defence Secretary says Russia is "ripping up the rule book" as he places blame for recent ransomware attack on Putin's…

4 years ago

Financial Impact of NotPetya Ransomware Continues to Grow

Pharmaceutical vendor Merck is the latest multi-national firm to report financial loses from the NotPetya ransomware attack in June 2017

5 years ago

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Hits Russia And Ukraine

The ransomware appears to be a variant of the Petya ransomware

5 years ago

Misconfiguration Exposes Industrial Systems To ‘Accidental’ Cyber-Attacks

Configuration issues left industrial control systems exposed to disruption by the WannaCry and NotPetya worms earlier this year, finds Kaspersky…

5 years ago

McAfee: North American Healthcare Sector ‘Worst Hit’ By Malware

North America's health sector saw the most security incidents in a trend that has also seen health organisations disrupted acrosss…

5 years ago

Researchers Find Way To Recover NotPetya Files

Encryption errors mean it may be possible to manually recover files encrypted by the NotPetya malware last month, researchers say

5 years ago

NotPetya Hackers Move Virtual Ransom Funds

Hackers empty bitcoin wallet of ransom funds and issue fresh ransom demand to unlock encrypted hard drives

5 years ago

Ukraine Firm Denies Responsibility For NotPetya Cyber Attack

'It wasn't us guv,' claim Ukrainian creators of suspected software

5 years ago

NotPetya: Ransomware Spread, WannaCry Relation, And The Story So Far

ANALYSIS: The spreading cyber attack appears to be more about chaos than money-making

5 years ago