National Security Agency

Moscow Alleges NSA Mass Spying On Russian iPhones

Russia alleges the US NSA has conducted a mass spying operation on thousands of iPhones in Russia, and that Apple…

1 year ago

China Alleges NSA Hacked University And Stole Data

Chinese researchers allege NSA infiltrated local telecoms network and a government backed university, and exported “sensitive identity” data

2 years ago

Chinese Media Allege NSA Tapped Into Telecom Network

State media outlets in China allege US NSA has infiltrated country’s telecommunications networks to 'control' local infrastructure

2 years ago

NSA Awards $10bn Contract To AWS, But Microsoft Files Complaint

Revenge for the JEDI? Microsoft files an official complaint with government regulator, after NSA awards $10 billion contract to AWS

3 years ago

NSA Surveillance Program Exposed By Edward Snowden, Ruled Unlawful

Spying setback. US Court of Appeals rules the NSA surveillance and mass data collection program exposed by Edward Snowden, was…

4 years ago

Major Flaw In Microsoft Windows Revealed By NSA

Microsoft pushes out critical security fix, after tip off from the US National Security Agency about serious flaw in all…

4 years ago

Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Flaw With VPN Products

Both the US NSA and UK NCSC warn hackers are actively exploiting vulnerabilities in VPN products

5 years ago

Bluekeep: NSA Warns Windows Users To Update And Upgrade

Cyber attack risk if you don't patch or upgrade to newer operating systems, warns American spy agency

5 years ago

US Senate Renews NSA Web Surveillance Program

'Carry on spying', US lawmakers say after the senate renews NSA warrantless internet surveillance program

6 years ago

Classified US Army Data Found Unprotected On AWS Server

Top secret army data found online after virtual image of hard disk was left on an AWS server

7 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Obtained NSA Code From PC Also Infected With Backdoor

Kaspersky's security software had stumbled across NSA code in 2014, but the PC in question was also infected with a…

7 years ago

Russian Hackers ‘Used Antivirus Software’ To Steal NSA Data

Kaspersky rejects claims it was directly involved and asks why didn't the NSA report the alleged flaw

7 years ago

US Politicians Seek To Limit Internet Surveillance Of US Citizens

Bad news for American spooks? US politicians seek to overhaul rules governing warrant-less internet surveillance

7 years ago

ShadowBrokers Hacker Group To Publish More NSA Code

New batch of stolen code to be auctioned by hacker group, despite earlier pledge to shut down operation

7 years ago

NSA Data Collection Ruled Illegal By US Court

American appeals court rules bulk collection of phone records by NSA is illegal, but program still continues

9 years ago

NSA Analysis Of Sony Hack Identifies North Korea

The NSA backs FBI conclusion that North Korea was responsible for the damaging hack of Sony Pictures

9 years ago

Snowden Calls For Development Of Anti-Surveillance Kit

Edward Snowden calls on the tech industry to develop anti-surveillance products in wake of NSA spying

10 years ago

NSA Spying Helps Security, Says US Privacy Watchdog

Privacy watchdog says the NSA spying has improved America's cyber security, but there are still concerns

10 years ago

Germany Drops Verizon After NSA Spying Furore

German government cancels Verizon Communications contract in the wake of the NSA spying row

10 years ago

NSA Surveillance Reform Bill Passes Government Vote

Legislation to curb the snooping activities of the NSA passes US vote, but this result pleases no one

10 years ago

Tech Titans Withdraw Support For NSA Reform Bill

Tech giants object to a US government reform bill of the NSA, saying the measures do not go far enough

10 years ago

Fury Over NSA Interception Of Verizon Customer Communications

US spy agency, the NSA, is conducting mass surveillance of American citizens' telephone communications thanks to a secret court order

11 years ago

NSA ‘PerfectCitizen’ Program Prompts Privacy Fears

The National Security Agency (NSA) has refused to clarify whether its new program will monitor private networks

11 years ago

Ex-NSA Head: US Needs To Understand Cyber-War

At the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, former NSA Director Michael Hayden examined the concept of cyber-war and…

14 years ago