Blue Origin Loses NASA Lawsuit After Judge’s Ruling

Bad news Jeff. US judge rejects Blue Origin's lawsuit, filed after NASA's decision to award the Lunar lander contract soley…

3 months ago

Blue Origin Successfully Completes First Test Flight, After Jeff Bezos Mission

Blue Origin test flight successfully reuses the New Shepard rocket that carried Jeff Bezos and others to space last month

5 months ago

Blue Origin Loses Key Staff, Amid NASA Contract Battle – Report

In the weeks after Jeff Bezos went to space and a battle with NASA, Blue Origin lost more than a…

5 months ago

SpaceX Assembles Biggest Rocket Ever Constructed

SpaceX Super Heavy booster and Starship vehicle combine to make tallest rocket ever constructed, as company plans manned voyages to…

6 months ago

Boeing Postpones Starliner Launch Over Glitch

Test launch on Tuesday of Boeing's uncrewed Starliner astronaut capsule to the ISS has been postponed, after a glitch was…

6 months ago

Regulator Rejects Blue Origin’s NASA Lunar Contract Challenge

US' Government Accountability Office rejects challenges by Blue Origin and Dynetics after NASA awarded $2.9bn lunar lander contract to Elon…

6 months ago

Jeff Bezos Offers NASA $2 Billion For Lunar Contract

Tempting offer? Jeff Bezos offers to cover costs of up to $2 billion, if NASA awards Blue Origin a contract…

6 months ago

Jeff Bezos Selects 82-Year-Old Woman To Join Spaceflight

A 82 year-old woman who trained for NASA's Mercury program in the 1960s chosen by Jeff Bezos for a seat…

7 months ago

SpaceX Starship Successfully Lands Vertically

After a few explosions and failures along the way, the futuristic Starship from SpaceX successfully returns to earth and lands…

9 months ago

NASA Halts Moon Lander Work After Contract Challenge

NASA orders SpaceX to halt work on Moon rocket programme after Blue Origin accuses SpaceX of space exploration 'monopoly'

9 months ago

Jeff Bezos Blue Origin Protests NASA’s SpaceX Contract

Battle between the world's richest men, sees Elon Musk mock Jeff Bezos, after Blue Origin files official protest over SpaceX's…

9 months ago

SpaceX Launches Third Crewed Flight Into Orbit

SpaceX's third-ever crewed flight reuses both Crew Dragon capsule 'Endeavour' and Falcon 9 booster, in a first for company

9 months ago

NASA Helicopter Makes History With First Flight On Other Planet

Historic first flight of small helicopter on an offworld planet, after NASA successfully launches small helicopter on Mars

9 months ago

NASA Successfully Tests Moon Rocket

NASA successfully tests Space Launch System, a rocket intended to send humans back to the the lunar surface and eventually…

10 months ago

SpaceX Announces First-Ever All Civilian Flight Crew

Inspiration4 will be the world’s first all-commercial astronaut mission that will put all an civilian crew into orbit in Q4…

12 months ago

SpaceX, NASA: Four Astronauts Arrived Safely At ISS

As Elon Musk reportedly goes down with Coronavirus, SpaceX and NASA mission safely delivers astronauts to international space station

1 year ago

NASA Confirms Water On Sunlit Surface Of Moon

Space agency NASA confirms water found on sunlight sections of the moon, expanding the location options for a permanent lunar…

1 year ago

NASA, Nokia To Build LTE Network On Moon

'Ground control to Major Tom.' Finnish networking giant to build first ever 4G/5G cellular network on the Moon, slated for…

1 year ago

SpaceX Mission Delivers Astronauts Into Orbit

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carries two NASA astronauts to International Space Station in historic first for a private company

2 years ago

SpaceX Prepares For First Manned Mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon set to deliver two NASA astronauts to International Space Station this week, after 10 years of preparation

2 years ago

Latest SpaceX Funding Round Could Value Company At £28bn

Elon Musk's rocket company looks to raise additional $250m as it builds satellite broadband network, NASA orbital vehicle and Mars…

2 years ago

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Partners Lockheed Martin For Moon Lander

Moon tourists? Space company of Amazon boss signs deals with multiple companies for moon landers

2 years ago

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launches Experimental Satellites

The payloads included a NASA atomic clock and a solar sail project for the Planetary Society

3 years ago

NASA Hack Blamed On Rogue Raspberry Pi

Unauthorised Raspberry Pi device blamed for hack at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

3 years ago

NASA Staff Data Stolen In Server Hack

Houston, we have a problem. Server breach at American agency sees data stolen from past and current staff

3 years ago

NASA, Amazon Look To France For Drone Air-Traffic Control System

Both organisations to utilise French drone expertise and less onerous laws to develop drone control systems

4 years ago

NASA Wants Help From Coders To Speed Up Old Software

Entrants will be given the code to analyse and search for bottlenecks

5 years ago

To Infinity And Beyond: NASA Gives Away Its Software For Free In Latest Release

NASA's free software catalogue includes applications related to operations, propulsion and aeronautics

5 years ago

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Is Now Using Red Hat’s OpenStack

Red Hat goes orbital with private OpenStack win, helping NASA's JPL in planetary exploration, flight projects, and space research

6 years ago

Hackers Release Stolen NASA Data, Detail Drone Crash Attempt

Hacker group AnonSec claims it briefly altered the flight path of a £154m Global Hawk drone with the intent of…

6 years ago