NHS Scotland Confirms Clinical Data Published By Ransomware Gang

NHS Dumfries and Galloway condemns ransomware gang for publishing patients clinical data after cyberattack earlier this month

2 months ago

NCSC Warns AI Already Being Used By Ransomware Hackers

Ransomware threat set to increase with the advent of artificial intelligence, warns the UK's cyber guardian

4 months ago

UK At High Risk Of ‘Catastrophic Ransomware Attack’, Warns Committee

Damning report from parliamentary committee warns of high risk to UK from 'catastrophic ransomware attacks'

5 months ago

ICO Drops Investigation Into 2020 EasyJet Hack

BA not happy? UK data protection watchdog confirms it is halting EasyJet hack probe due to lack of resources

7 months ago

Boeing ‘Cyber Incident’ Comes After Ransomware Gang Threat

Lockbit cybercrime gang claims it stole huge amounts of data from US company. Boeing says it is investigating 'cyber incident'

7 months ago

Sony Systems Alleged Breached By Hackers hackers claim to have breached 'all Sony systems' and are allegedly threatening to sell stolen data

8 months ago

FBI Leads Takedown Of Qakbot Malware Infecting 700,000 Computers

International takedown. US, UK and European law enforcement takes down infrastructure of the Qakbot malware

9 months ago

Officials Point To Russia After Electoral Commission Hack

Cyberattack allows hackers to access the names and addresses of tens of millions of voters on the UK's electoral register

10 months ago

Microsoft Identifies Russia-Based Hackers For Teams Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks against Microsoft Teams is being carried out by Russian-government linked hackers, Redmond warns

10 months ago