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US Airline Bosses Warn Of ‘Catastrophic’ Aviation Crisis Due To 5G

US aviation 5G scare-mongering continues, as CEOs of ten US airlines warn of 'havoc' caused by arrival of 5G networks…

6 months ago

US Operators Delay 5G Rollout, Amid Aviation Concerns

Win for scaremongering? US mobile operators AT&T and Verizon agree delay to 5G networks by two weeks after aviation campaign

6 months ago

France Delays 5G Auction Until The Spring

Delayed spectrum auction means France will be late arrival at the 5G party, behind other European nations

3 years ago

Ofcom To Free Up More 5G Spectrum

To increase mobile services and help drive 5G uptake, UK regulator pledges auction of more 'mobile airwaves'

3 years ago

Vodafone First To Test UK 5G Spectrum

After securing largest block of 5G spectrum last week, Vodafone tests it between Manchester and Newbury

4 years ago

British Operators Pay £1.4bn For 5G Spectrum

Big four dig deep to secure spectrum for 5G services, and O2 gains valuable 40Mhz block for 4G

4 years ago

Ofcom Announces Auction Bidders For 5G Spectrum

Six bidders for 5G spectrum auction officially approved by UK communications regulator

4 years ago

Ofcom Reveals Plans For Further 4G Spectrum Auction

Current MoD frequencies will be allocated to the highest bidder

7 years ago