New York Signs Bill To Ban Certain Crypto Mining Operations

Lawmakers in New York have passed a bill to ban certain cryptocurrency mining operations that run on carbon-based power sources

2 years ago

Bitcoin Mining Gets Dirtier After China Crackdown

Proportion of renewable sources powering Bitcoin mining industry plummets after miners shift from China to Kazakhstan and the United States

2 years ago

Power Blackouts Sees Kosovo Ban Crypto Mining

Landlocked Kosovo has officially banned cryptocurrency mining as it grapples with soaring energy prices and electricity blackouts

3 years ago

Dorsey: Square May Develop Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Square chief executive Jack Dorsey says fintech company looking into custom-built Bitcoin mining hardware that could increase accessibility, efficiency

3 years ago

US, Kazakhstan Take Bitcoin Mining Lead From China

China's share of Bitcoin mining drops to zero amidst crackdown, as US, Kazakhstan and Russia see dramatic rises in mining…

3 years ago

Cambridge Data Finds Bitcoin Miners Shifting Away From China

Bitcoin mining operations began shifting out of China even before country began crackdown earlier this year, while Kazakhstan and US…

3 years ago

China Regions Order Bitcoin Mining Shutdown

Two of China's biggest cryptocurrency mining regions order mining operations to cease operations, even as China aims for blockchain leadership

3 years ago

Tech Giants Sued Over Cobalt Mining Deaths

Apple, Google, Dell, Tesla and Microsoft sued for deaths and injuries of child miners of cobalt in the Democratic Republic…

5 years ago

Malware Spreads Cryptocurrency Miner Via Facebook Messenger

The Digimine malware spreads through infected attachments in messages that may appear to come from someone the target knows

7 years ago

Starbucks Wi-Fi Forces Users To Mine Cryptocurrency

Starbucks' internet provider in Buenos Aires is the latest to hijack users' processing power to carry out lucrative crypto-mining activities

7 years ago

NiceHash Admits It Was Hacked Amid Fears It Lost $70m In Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining marketplace NiceHash admits devastating hack, which some estimates say could have cost it nearly $70m

7 years ago

Coinhive Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts Placed On Popular Sites

The Coinhive script introduced last month has quickly been adopted by hackers, who have maliciously placed it on legitimate sites

7 years ago