medical records

Aussie Police Identify Russian Hackers Blackmailing Medibank

Australian police know identify of Russian criminals conducting blackmail of Australian medical records including abortions

2 years ago

NHS Patient Database Plan To Proceed Despite Protests

Government to activate centralised NHS Digital database of patient records next month in spite of criticism over lack of public…

3 years ago

Finnish Therapy Patients Blackmailed After Data Breach

New low. Confidential records of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland compromised, with some patients now being blackmailed

4 years ago

NHS Gives Thumbs Up To Cloud For Medical Record Storage

New NHS Digital guidelines give broad approval to the use of cloud services for storing medical records - including facilities…

6 years ago

Massive Data Breach Of Personal Information Reported In Malaysia

The trove of stolen data included ID card numbers and details on 46 million mobile phones, in a country of…

7 years ago