NASA And DARPA To Develop Nuclear Rocket Engines For Mars

Partnership between NASA and DARPA seeks to develop nuclear thermal rocket engine for upcoming Mars missions

1 year ago

China’s Zhurong Rover Takes Selfie On Martian Surface

China's Mars rover, Zhurong, takes self-portrait as it explores Utopia Planitia region of Red Planet at same time as NASA's…

3 years ago

SpaceX Starship Successfully Lands Vertically

After a few explosions and failures along the way, the futuristic Starship from SpaceX successfully returns to earth and lands…

3 years ago

NASA Helicopter Makes History With First Flight On Other Planet

Historic first flight of small helicopter on an offworld planet, after NASA successfully launches small helicopter on Mars

3 years ago

NASA Successfully Tests Moon Rocket

NASA successfully tests Space Launch System, a rocket intended to send humans back to the the lunar surface and eventually…

3 years ago

SpaceX Mars Rocket Lands Upright, But Later Explodes

Learning more...another SpaceX rocket bites the dust, after it successfully lands upright but then explodes minutes later on the pad

3 years ago

SpaceX Starship Rocket Explodes On Landing

Valuable lessons. Second malfunction of SpaceX’s prototype Starship rocket, as it attempts to land vertically after successful launch

3 years ago

SpaceX Announces First-Ever All Civilian Flight Crew

Inspiration4 will be the world’s first all-commercial astronaut mission that will put all an civilian crew into orbit in Q4…

3 years ago

NASA Confirms Water On Sunlit Surface Of Moon

Space agency NASA confirms water found on sunlight sections of the moon, expanding the location options for a permanent lunar…

3 years ago

SpaceX Starts Construction Of Mars Rocket Prototype

The company also launched its first navigation satellite for the US military, in a win against Boeing and Lockheed-Martin

5 years ago

HP Inc And Nvidia Join Forces To Create Life On Mars VR Experience

HP Inc also revealed a VR backpack aimed at business use

7 years ago

Mars Rover Laser Hits Landmark

The Mars rover 'Curiosity' has now fired its laser 100,000 times since landing on the red planet last year

10 years ago

NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ Rover Marks First Year On Mars

'Curiosity' landed on Mars in August of last year, bringing on-site soil analysis tools to the planet for the first…

11 years ago

Coverity Prays Curiosity Code Won’t Kill Another Mars Mission

Good quality software is essential for a successful Mars mission

12 years ago