PC Recovery Continues As Shipments Grow, Says IDC

Global shipments of PCs rose by 3 percent in Q2, IDC finds, as recovery in the personal computer market continues

2 weeks ago

Meta Opens Quest VR OS To Third Party Gadget Makers

Meta Platforms opens operating system behind Quest virtual reality headsets to third parties amidst competition from Apple, Sony

3 months ago

PC Shipments Return To Pre-Pandemic Levels In First Quarter

PC shipments return nearly to levels of 2019 following post-pandemic slump as users flock to AI PCs, start replacing Covid-19-era…

4 months ago

CES 2024: Motorola Reveals Smartphone On Wrist Concept

Motorola's 'adaptive display concept' smartphone wraps around a person's wrist, and can change background to match clothing

5 months ago

CES 2024: Lenovo Shows Transparent Laptop Concept

Lenovo shows concept transparent laptop with virtual keyboard, items visible on other side of clear glass display

5 months ago

Intel Re-Issued Hefty Antitrust Fine by European Commission

No escape. After successfully overturning last year its 2009 antitrust fine of €1.06 billion, European Commission re-imposes fine of €376.4m

10 months ago

PC Shipment Decline Slows In Q2, Says Gartner

Gartner PC shipment results mirror Canalys data, after finding a 16.6 percent shipment decline in the second quarter

1 year ago

PC Shipment Decline Slows In Q2, Says Canalys

Good news. Global PC market decline has eased as shipments drop 12 percent in Q2 2023, Canalys research finds

1 year ago

PC Shipments Decline 30 Percent, Gartner Finds

Gartner reports that PC shipments worldwide have declined 30 percent in Q1, backing up similar findings from rival IDC

1 year ago

PC Shipments Slump 29 Percent, Led By Apple

Apple sees biggest slump in PC shipments along with HP, Lenovo, Dell and others as pandemic-era demand dissipates

1 year ago

PC Shipments Declined 15 Percent In Q3, Warns IDC

Worrying decline in PC shipments continues, as IDC reports 15 percent year on year decline, with Apple only manufacturer to…

2 years ago

PC Shipments Worldwide Drop 15.3 Percent In Q2, IDC Warns

Worrying sign. Global PC shipments take a double-digit tumble in the second quarter, amid fears of worldwide economic downturn

2 years ago

PC Sales Reach Highest Level Since 2012, Says IDC

Shipments of PCs (desktops, laptops, workstations etc) experience growth streak during the past year, despite ongoing chip shortage

3 years ago

CES 2022: Google, GM Join Others In Halting Physical Attendance

Alphabet's Google and General Motors latest to announce it will no longer attend next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in…

3 years ago

Nokia, Lenovo Settle Patent Dispute

PC manufacturer Lenovo is to make an undisclosed payment in order to settle Nokia's legal action over video technology patents

3 years ago

CES 2020: Lenovo Shows Off First 5G PC, Plus ThinkPad X1 Fold

Chinese vendor claims two world firsts, with first ever 5G PC (Lenovo Yoga 5G) and first ever foldable PC (ThinkPad…

5 years ago

Motorola Delays Arrival Of Razr Folding Phone

Too much demand? Lenovo-owned Motorola delays launch of Razr folding flip smartphone, citing “high demand” as the main reason

5 years ago

Apple Expands Lead In Tablets And Takes Aim At Laptops

Apple's iPad sales grow by more than 20 percent to take nearly one-third of the tablet market, while Samsung and…

5 years ago

Lenovo Warns Of Price Rise Amid US Tariff Threat

Warning to Trump? Chinese manufacturer warns prices will rise for PCs and laptops, if US tariffs increase

5 years ago

Windows 10 Preview Build Reveals ‘Core OS’ Features

Test build indicates Microsoft may be working on upcoming Windows architecture that breaks out user interface into separate component

5 years ago

Computex 2019: Qualcomm, Lenovo Show ‘Project Limitless’ 5G Laptop

The companies aim for the processing power of a workstation with the always-on connectivity of a smartphone

5 years ago

Microsoft Targets Schools With £135 Windows 10 PCs & Education Software Updates

Microsoft has new PCs, partnerships and software updates as it pitches vision of 'classroom of the future'

7 years ago

CES 2018: Google Assistant Heads To Cars, Smart Screens And Earbuds

Google Assistant expands to more devices, including cars, as Google seeks to establish voice-activated smart assistant dominance

7 years ago

Lenovo Takes Control Of Fujitsu’s PC Unit

Fujitsu finally offloads PC unit as Lenovo takes controlling stake for £119 million

7 years ago

The ThinkPad At 25: How One Business PC Became An Industry Icon

The Thinkpad laptop celebrates its 25th birthday, but how did it become one of IBM's, and now Lenovo's, most successful…

7 years ago

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T470 Continues Durable T-series Tradition

REVIEW: Latest ThinkPad T-series laptop still looks like its ancestors, but it’s thinner, lighter and faster, while retaining the legendary…

7 years ago

AMD Aims For Commercial Comeback With Ryzen Pro CPU Launch

ANALYSIS: Dell, Lenovo and HP partnerships will help AMD bring competition back into the processor market

7 years ago

IBM Cloud-Based Blockchain System Targets Food Safety

IBM has rolled out an enterprise-ready blockchain offering, as well as collaborations aimed at developing blockchain for food safety and…

7 years ago

Lenovo Targets Data Centre And PC Market With Expanded Portfolio

Expanded data centre offerings as Chinese PC maker reinvigorates HPC portfolio with two new brands

7 years ago

Lenovo Implements ‘World’s Largest’ Intel-based Supercomputer

Does size matter? University in Barcelona gains 11.1 petaFLOP supercomputer, as Intel touts its HPC credentials

7 years ago