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Kaspersky Denies It Is Security Risk, After US Sales Banned By Biden

Biden Administration bans sales of Kaspersky software in the US due to links to Russia, but Moscow-based firm says it…

3 weeks ago

Biden Administration To Ban US Sales Of Kaspersky Software – Report

Complete ban. United States close to announcing ban of all sales of Kaspersky Lab's antivirus software in America

4 weeks ago

Moscow Alleges NSA Mass Spying On Russian iPhones

Russia alleges the US NSA has conducted a mass spying operation on thousands of iPhones in Russia, and that Apple…

1 year ago

Germany Fires Cybersecurity Head Over Allegations Of ‘Russia Ties’

German cybersecurity chief Arne Schoenbohm has been sacked by officials over allegations of ties to Russia

2 years ago

Russia’s Kaspersky, China Telecom Added To US National Security List

American communications watchdog adds Kaspersky Lab, China Telecom (Americas), and China Mobile International USA to threat list

2 years ago

Eugene Kaspersky Labels BSI Decision ‘Unfair, And Outright Wrong’

Founder of Kaspersky Lab hits back at Germany's 'political' decision, and says firm was insulted to only be given hours…

2 years ago

Germany’s Cyber Agency BSI Warns Against Kaspersky AV

Germany's cyber agency warns against use of Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky, saying there is a serious hacking risk

2 years ago

Financial Malware Attacks On The Rise, Warns Kaspersky

Consumers are increasingly being targetted by financial malware, alarming new research shows

5 years ago

Mobile Banking Malware On The Rise, Kaspersky Lab Warns

Worrying number of attacks by mobile banking malware, report from Kaspersky Lab discovers

5 years ago

Nearly All Cloud Breaches Down To Humans – Kaspersky Lab

We pesky humans are responsible for 90 percent of cloud data breaches, with social engineering a major concern

5 years ago

Industrial Control Systems Suffer Rising Cyberattacks – Kaspersky Lab

Almost one in two industrial computers worldwide subjected to malicious cyber activity, Kaspersky Lab warns

5 years ago

Nearly Half European Businesses Lack Robust Cyber Defence – Study

Kaspersky Lab study also shows majority feel that attackers are rarely caught and brought to justice

5 years ago

Kaspersky Lab To Appeal Court Decision To Dismiss US Ban

US judges dismiss two lawsuits from Russian firm to overturn American ban on its security products

6 years ago

Kaspersky Lab To Open Swiss Data Centre, Amid Dutch Ban

Dutch government announces it will stop using Kaspersky Lab products, over national security concerns

6 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Discovers Russian Hacker Infrastructure

Compromised servers used by Crouching Yeti/Energetic Bear hacker group found by Kaspersky Lab

6 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Plots Swiss Data Centre To Allay Russia Concerns

Russian firm to open 'transparency centre' in Switzerland to handle US and European data

6 years ago

Sophisticated ‘Slingshot’ Malware Remained Undetected For Years

Kaspersky Lab has uncovered a highly complex - and probably state-backed - malware strain that infects users via compromised routers

6 years ago

Olympic Destroyer Malware Used False Flags – Kaspersky Lab

Malware that disrupted the Winter Olympic games was disguised to look as if the attack had come from the usual…

6 years ago

Skygofree Android Spyware Threatens Privacy

Kaspersky finds spyware can read WhatsApp messages and take pictures, and it has been around for three years already

6 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Challenges US Government Security Ban

The DHS' September order prohibited Kaspersky Lab's products, including its popular antivirus, on civilian government networks

7 years ago

Government Advises Departments To Drop Kaspersky Antivirus Software

Departments handling sensitive data should avoid Russian security products as they face an 'increased risk' of hacking, while Barclays drops…

7 years ago

Silence Trojan Actively Targets Banks & Financial Institutions

Financial institutions facing targetted threat from Silence trojan which infiltrates internal banking networks

7 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Obtained NSA Code From PC Also Infected With Backdoor

Kaspersky's security software had stumbled across NSA code in 2014, but the PC in question was also infected with a…

7 years ago

Russian Hackers ‘Used Antivirus Software’ To Steal NSA Data

Kaspersky rejects claims it was directly involved and asks why didn't the NSA report the alleged flaw

7 years ago

US Government Orders All Departments To Remove Kaspersky Products

But Kaspersky Lab says the allegations are 'completely unfounded' and 'no credible evidence has been presented' for the ban

7 years ago

FBI ‘Advises’ US Companies To Drop Kaspersky Security Products

In private briefings, the FBI is reportedly advising US energy and technology firms to cut their ties with Kaspersky over…

7 years ago

UK NCSC ‘Has Never’ Certified Kaspersky Lab Products But Has No Blacklist

UK National Cyber Security Centre says that just because it has never certified Kaspersky products, doesn't mean it has a…

7 years ago

Eugene Kaspersky Offers To Disclose Company Source Code To US Government

Kaspersky Lab CEO willing to work with US authorities dispel long-standing rumours about his ties to the Russian government

7 years ago

Microsoft Admits Disabling Windows 10 Anti-Virus

Redmond did temporarily switch off third party anti-virus products for Windows 10, the firm admits

7 years ago

Online Security Incidents Cost Banks £1.4 Million A Pop

Financial organisations need to consider the cost implications of cyber threats such as DDoS attacks

7 years ago