iPhone 12

Apple Posts Record Breaking Profit, But Warns Of Chip Shortage

Apple's earnings juggernaut continues, as strong sales of iPhones continues to drive up profits, but chip shortage looms

4 months ago

Apple Releases MagSafe Battery Pack For iPhone 12

Needing some extra juice for a dying battery? MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone 12 unveiled by Apple on Tuesday…

5 months ago

Apple Halts Production Of iPhone Mini – Report

Farewell to Apple's ill-fated iPhone 12 Mini, as production has reportedly already stopped, due to poor sales of the handset

6 months ago

Apple Profits Double As Users Upgrade To 5G iPhones

Apple reaps reward from strong spending on Macs, apps and iPads during lockdown, coupled with people upgrading to 5G iPhones

7 months ago

Apple Unveils AirTag, Apple TV 4K, Purple iPhone 12

Apple's Spring Loaded event reveals AirTag, Apple 4K TV, as well as purple iPhone 12. Other announcements include a refresh…

8 months ago

Apple Fined $2 Million For Selling iPhone 12 With No Charger

Fined for breaking consumer law as Brazilian agency rejects Apple green claim for not including charger, as well as 'misleading'…

9 months ago

Apple Cuts iPhone Orders By 20 Percent – Report

Production of the iPhone 12 is being lowered by 20 percen in the first half of 2021, with production of…

9 months ago

Apple Issues Warning About iPhones And Pacemakers

After researcher deactivates an implanted defibrillator with a MagSafe iPhone 12, Apple tells customers to keep iPhones away from Pacemakers

11 months ago

Apple Faces 5G iPhone 12 Supply Shortages As Holidays Loom

Apple reportedly ramping up production of older iPhone models to offset supply constraints of the new iPhone 12, amidst ongoing…

1 year ago

Apple Posts Biggest iPhone Sales Fall In Two Years, After Handset Delay

Mixed results. Delayed launch of the iPhone 12 by several weeks sees Apple post its largest decline in iPhone sales…

1 year ago

Apple Goes Premium With iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max

Premium models with premium prices. Apple's top end smartphone line up includes iPhone 12 Pro and the slightly larger Pro…

1 year ago

Apple iPhone 12 Arrives With 5G

With cut out for front camera remaining, the new iPhone 12 finally offer 5G connectivity, but will limited networks convince…

1 year ago

Apple ‘Speed’ Event Next Week Slated For 5G iPhone 12 Launch

The delayed iPhone 12 is expected to unveiled next week after Apple announces its 'Hi, Speed' event on Tuesday 13…

1 year ago

Leaks For iPhone 12 Touts Improved Screen Refresh Rate – Report

Finally. Apple is to include 5G connectivity in its upcoming iPhone 12 portfolio, that will also reportedly offer improve screen…

2 years ago