US Financial Regulator ‘Carrying Out Massive SolarWinds Probe’

Many US companies are reportedly concerned they could be exposed to liability after Securities and Exchange Commission requests breach data

4 days ago

Kaseya Obtains Universal Decryptor After REvil Attack

Kaseya begins distributing decryption tool to companies affected by REvil ransomware attack after criminal gang mysteriously disappears from internet

2 months ago

President Biden Orders Investigation Into Kaseya Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack on hundreds of American businesses over 4 July weekend prompts US investigation of possible Russian involvement

2 months ago

SolarWinds Hackers Steal Microsoft Customer Data

Nation-state backed SolarWinds hackers stole 'basic' data on some Microsoft customers after hacking customer-support system in May

3 months ago

Hackers Use Cracked Games To Make Crypto-Millions

Malware found in cracked versions of popular games such as NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 5…

3 months ago

FSB Head Says Russia Will Help US Locate Hackers

No place to hide? Head of FSB security agency has reportedly said Russia will work with the United States to…

3 months ago

Signal Hacks Cellebrite Phone Hacking Kit

Sweet revenge? Signal said it has hacked the phone hacking kit from Cellebrite, used by law enforcement to access mobile…

5 months ago

SolarWinds Attackers ‘Accessed Emails’ Of Top US Officials

SolarWinds hackers accessed email accounts of head of Department of Homeland Security and DHS cybersecurity staff, probe finds

6 months ago

‘Half’ Of Exchange Servers Left Unpatched As Attacks Continue

Only half of Exchange servers have been patched so far, security firm estimates, as it detects tens of thousands of…

6 months ago

US CISA, FBI Warn Of Trickbot Phishing Campaign

US CISA, FBI warn of 'sophisticated' attacks that manipulate users into downloading Trickbot via tailored 'traffic violation' emails

6 months ago

NHS Executive’s Twitter Account Hacked In PS5 Scam

Twitter account of NHS chief transformation officer Helen Bevan taken over by hackers, used to advertise PlayStation 5 scam to…

6 months ago

Linux Vulnerable To Fifteen-Year-Old Security Bugs

Linux kernel's support for older hardware means some systems are vulnerable to flaws found in fifteen-year-old SCSI and iSCSI drivers

6 months ago

Judge Dismisses Most Claims Against Zoom In Proposed Case

California judge dismisses privacy violation and 'Zoombombing' claims in proposed class-action lawsuit, citing immunity under federal law

6 months ago

Google, Microsoft Feud Over Antitrust, Hacking Issues

Google and Microsoft trade barbs as US House of Representatives antitrust subcommittee reviews measures that would force payments to news…

6 months ago

‘Thousands’ Of UK Firms Hit By Microsoft Exchange Hacks

Thousands of UK firms may have been hacked using recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange security flaws, with many more still vulnerable,…

6 months ago

Ten Hacking Groups Exploiting Microsoft Email Flaw, Warns ESET

Security specialist ESET warns that at least ten hacking groups are exploiting the flaw with Microsoft's mail server software to…

6 months ago

European Banking Authority Compromised By Exchange Hackers

European Banking Authority takes email servers offline after finding it was targeted in worldwide Microsoft Exchange hacking campaign

6 months ago

Researchers Identify More Malware Used By SolarWinds Hack Group

Microsoft and FireEye identify three custom-made hacking tools deployed onto networks by 'sophisticated' group behind SolarWinds compromise

6 months ago

US Issues Warning Over ‘Far-Reaching’ Microsoft Email Hack

White House signals concern over potentially 'large number of victims' affected by exploitation of Exchange zero-day flaws

6 months ago

Ransom-Fuelled DDoS Attacks ‘Surged’ In 2020

Security firm Neustar sees DDoS attacks more than double in 2020, with ransom demands spreading to finance, government, energy sectors

8 months ago

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Viewed Its Source Code

Microsoft says SolarWinds hacking group penetrated its internal systems and viewed source code, but downplays security threat

9 months ago

Ticketmaster Pays $10m DoJ Fine For Accessing Rival’s Computer

Criminal computer intrusion fine imposed on Ticketmaster by the US DoJ, after it repeatedly accessed computer system of a rival

9 months ago

SolarWinds Issues Fix After Massive Hacking Campaign

SolarWinds says two security updates protect against 'Sunburst' attacks as well as more recently discovered 'Supernova' malware

9 months ago

Ransomware Group Threatens To Release Hospital Patient Photos

Hacking group REvil threatens to release 900GB of before-and-after photos of cosmetic surgery patients unless ransom is paid

9 months ago

NCSC Probes UK Fallout Of Massive Hacking Campaign

UK authorities investigate impact on British public and private-sector organisations from allegedly Russian cyber-espionage attack that went on for months

9 months ago

Subway UK Customers Targeted By Trickbot Hackers

Trickbot malware campaign uses names harvested from Subway loyalty card programme as sandwich chain acknowledges email systems 'disruption'

9 months ago

Google Discloses Unpatched Windows Bug Under Active Exploitation

Google's Project Zero publishes details and exploit code for unpatched Windows kernel bug it says is being actively used in…

11 months ago

‘Taurus’ Malicious Ad Campaign Puts Data At Risk

Drive-by hacking tools plant Taurus data-stealing malware on vulnerable systems, as pandemic raises risk of corporate data being stolen from…

12 months ago

Warner Music Warns Of Three-Month Payment Card Hack

Attackers made off with full payment card details from Warner Music Group e-commerce sites from April to August of this…

1 year ago

Npm Removes Data Theft Code

Popular JavaScript developer tool removes malicious package that tried to steal data, in latest attack on software supply chain

1 year ago