GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach Of 1.2 Million Customers

Unauthorised access of customer's WordPress installations, results in the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers being accessed

6 months ago

GoDaddy Warns Customers Of Password Breach

Attackers gained access to customers' websites last October, says hosting giant, but only via SSH, with 'main accounts' not affected

2 years ago

Google Joins GoDaddy In Withdrawing Domain Service To US Far Right Website

Google cancels Daily Stormer domain registration just 24 hours after GoDaddy withdrew its own service for post about killed protester

5 years ago

GoDaddy DNS Outage Knocks Customer Websites Offline

The Internet domain registrar and web hosting company appears to be fixing the issues

5 years ago

GoDaddy Sites Hijacked By Malvertising Attack

Websites of two US television stations hacked to display malware-ridden ads, Malwarebytes reports

6 years ago

GoDaddy Launches Cloud Servers And Cloud Applications

New cloud services from GoDaddy looks to entice developers and IT pros to its pay as you go cloud platform

6 years ago

GoDaddy Reveals OpenStack Cloud Support

GoDaddy publicly reveals its support of OpenStack, but in reality has been using it for months

8 years ago

GoDaddy And PayPal Blamed In Twitter Handle Extortion

GoDaddy admits it was duped during extortion attempt to get @N Twitter handle, but PayPal denies it gave away any…

8 years ago

Microsoft And GoDaddy Offer Small Businesses Office 365

Microsoft and web hoster GoDaddy partner up to bring Office 365 to small business customers

8 years ago

Anonymous Claims Attack Which Shut Millions Of GoDaddy Sites

Anonymous accused of censorship after attack on so-called censor

10 years ago

GoDaddy Backs Down On SOPA But Loses Over 72,000 Domains

GoDaddy's desertion of the Stop Online Piracy Act caused a Reddit revolt to fail but the battle had already been…

10 years ago

Users Threaten Boycott As GoDaddy Announces Support For SOPA

Domain resellers and owners are boycotting registrar GoDaddy over its support for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act

10 years ago