Fuel Cell

Engineers Create Greener Alternative To Lithium-ion Battery

Australian boffins develop 'proton battery' that allegedly removes the environmental challenges posed by toxic lithium-ion batteries

10 months ago

Toyota Offers Free Access To Hybrid Car Tech

Hybrid car pioneer Toyota offers free access to technology patents, as move to full electric vehicles continues

5 years ago

Smart Power Grid Combines Batteries, Fuel Cells… And Compost

Smart power networks will rely on local generation and distributed storage

10 years ago

Microsoft Builds Its Waste-Powered Dream Data Centre

Microsoft's plan for a data centre that makes its own electricity sounded fanciful. Peter Judge is pleased it's becoming reality

10 years ago

eBay Proves On-Site Generation Works

On-site generation could be the way forward for data centres, says Peter Judge

11 years ago

Scientists Invent Mobile Phone Charging Powered By Urine

Boffins assure sceptics they are not taking the proverbial after revealing a mobile phone charged by urine

11 years ago

Apple Makes Its Maiden Data Centre 100 Percent Renewable

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Greenpeace! Apple announces second solar array

12 years ago

Apple Buys Bloom Fuel Cells, Promises 100% Green Data Centre

Apple is using Bloom's fuel cells in North Carolina, and says a new plant in Oregon will use 100 percent…

12 years ago

Microsoft Announces Biogas-Powered Green “Data Plants”

Data centres built on rotting landfill sites could be self-sufficient in power, says Microsoft

12 years ago

Bloom Energy Eyes Up Data Centre Niche For Fuel Cells

Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy is turning its attention to the data centre sector to help tackle emission reduction issues

12 years ago

The Next Sustainable Power Source: Your Body?

Fuel cells are being built that are small enough to be implanted in the body, says Eric Doyle. Could they…

13 years ago

Fuel Cell Manufacturer Gets Funding Boost

A firm making fuel cell supplies for data centres has got funding to power a launch into Europe

13 years ago

Proton Urges Data Centres To Consider Fuel Cells

Carbon-conscious data centre managers should examine hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to diesel backup, says Thomas Melczer

13 years ago

eBay Bids High For Green Bloom Energy Server

A new fuel cell technology called Bloom Box, used to provide sustainable energy to the mass-market, owes its genesis to…

14 years ago