Former NCSC Head Dismantles Russia’s SolarWinds Claim

Director of Russia’s SVR said the West was actually behind SolarWinds hack, but NCSC's former boss Ciaran Martin dismantles that…

8 months ago

SolarWinds Executives Defend Conduct Before US Senate

'It was the Russians.' Senior executives from SolarWinds, Microsoft, FireEye and CrowdStrike defend themselves at US Senate

11 months ago

SolarWinds: Dozens Of US Treasury Email Accounts Hacked

Scale of SolarWinds compromise continues to be revealed, as US Senator confirms dozens of email accounts at US Treasury were…

1 year ago

Microsoft Finds Malicious Code In Its Systems After SolarWinds Compromise

Fallout from the significant SolarWinds attack by suspected Russian hackers continues, with Microsoft admitting it has been impacted

1 year ago

US Treasury, Commerce Departments Hacked

Russian hackers allegedly spied on US government departments, as US issues emergency order to halt use of compromised system

1 year ago

US Security Firm FireEye Hacked By ‘Nation-State’ Attacker

Security firm admits company tools used to test customers' security have been stolen by a "highly sophisticated threat actor"

1 year ago

Australian PM Warns Of ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack By ‘State-Based’ Actor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reveals Australia is experiencing cyber attacks across 'a range of sectors', with China reportedly the likely…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Chinese Hackers APT41 Seek Exploits Amid Pandemic

Security researcher warn Chinese state-sponsored hackers are conducting a widespread campaign, despite the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Russia’s GRU Blamed For Huge Cyberattack On Georgia

The United Kingdom and the United States have called out Russia's campaign of “unacceptable cyberattacks against Georgia”

2 years ago

US Warns Of Gas Pipeline Shutdown After Ransomware Attack

Real world dangers posed by malware after natural gas pipeline in the United States is shut down after a ransomware…

2 years ago

Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Flaw With VPN Products

Both the US NSA and UK NCSC warn hackers are actively exploiting vulnerabilities in VPN products

2 years ago

US Hospitals Close Doors After Ransomware Attack

Hospitals in the United States and Australia feel the affects of ransomware attacks, which forces admission closure

2 years ago

Chinese Government Hackers Moonlight For Extra Cash – FireEye

Will hack for cash!. Team of Chinese government-backed hackers conduct cyber operations on the side for cash

2 years ago

TRITON Attack Targeted Critical Infrastructure, Security Firm Says

FireEye warns that a nation-state appears to be infiltrating critical-infrastructure sites and developing ways to cause physical damage

4 years ago

FormBook Malware Campaign Targets US & South Korean Defence Contractors

Aerospace, defence, and manufacturing sectors in US and South Korea currently targeted by malware campaign

4 years ago

Hackers Steal Data From Security Researcher

Hacker group 31337 Hackers says it is carrying out a broad campaign targeting the security analysts who help track down…

4 years ago

Android Malware Disguises Itself As WhatsApp, Uber And Google Play

Don't fall for it. Devious malware utilises user interfaces of Android apps in order to steal sensitive data

6 years ago

InfoSec 2016: Apple Users Targeted By Fake Domains

Beware malicious websites posing as legitimate Apple presence, FireEye warns

6 years ago

Attack Code Helps Angler Exploit Kit ‘Evade Microsoft’s EMET’

Recent versions of the Angler exploit kit have proven able to defeat some of EMET's most sophisticated features for the…

6 years ago

Stuxnet-Esque Irongate Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems

FireEye Labs uncover strange malware, similar to Stuxnet, that has targeted industrial controls for years

6 years ago

Qualcomm Software Flaw Puts Android Devices At Risk

Chipmaker works with FireEye and Mandiant to identify code vulnerability in Android software

6 years ago

Mobile Banking Users Warned Over Fake Android Apps

Up to 33 leading worldwide financial services targeted by ‘SlemBunk’ family of Trojanized apps, FireEye report claims

6 years ago

Visa Teams Up With FireEye To Take On Corporate Cybercrime

Visa Threat Intelligence platform will allow companies to share information on the latest attacks

6 years ago

FireEye And F5 Networks Will Co-Develop Security Products

Firms join forces to offer integrated security products to help customers combat growing threat of cybercrime

6 years ago

Attackers Take Over Cisco Routers With Malicious OS Image

The attack, which involves modifying a router's firmware, was previously believed to be only 'theoretical'

6 years ago

‘Major’ Flaws Found In Kaspersky, FireEye Security Products

Renegade researchers uncover significant vulnerabilities in offerings from leading security vendors

6 years ago

Ins0mnia Flaw Let Dangerous iOS Apps Run In Background ‘Indefinitely’

Researchers say Ins0mnia flaw could have let malware be distributed through the App Store - before it was patched

6 years ago

Researchers Detail ‘Severe’ Mobile Fingerprint Flaws

Attackers can hijack fingerprint-protected transactions and harvest fingerprints from mobile devices, according to FireEye

6 years ago

Android Fingerprint Readers Are Also A Security Risk

It’s not just TouchID that’s at risk from hackers looking for personal data, Black Hat researchers find

6 years ago

Hackers Are Now Demolishing, Breaking and Hijacking Apple’s iOS

Researchers at tech security firm FireEye have detailed new types of iOS attacks

7 years ago