Google, EDF To Track Methane Leaks From Space

Google and Environmental Defense Fund partner up to track down sources of methane emissions from outer space

3 months ago

EU Parliament Approves Ban On Combustion Cars By 2035

Move to electric vehicles continues, after European lawmakers vote to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from…

2 years ago

Most IT Bosses View Skills Gap As ‘Urgent Concern’

Research from Cloudreach shows clear majority of IT managers are very worried about the ongoing digital skills gap, which is…

2 years ago

Nissan To End Development Of New Combustion Engines – Report

First of many? Japanese car giant Nissan to end development of all combustion engines in all markets, except for the…

2 years ago

Head Of Car Giant Stellantis Issues Electric Vehicle Cost Warning

The car manufacturing industry cannot sustain the costs from government demands to shift to electric vehicles, warns head of Stellantis

2 years ago

UK Data Centre Cuts Emissions After Green Investment Bank Funding

Green Investment Bank congratulated by Prime Minister on it’s 2nd anniversary - reveals data centre funding

10 years ago

EU Carbon Trading Chokes On Data Centre Diesels

Data centres burn almost no diesel, but the EU's carbon trading scheme is taxing them by mistake, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

BT Aims To Boost Customers’ CO2 Savings With Net Good

BT expands the concept of the carbon footprint

11 years ago

Why Data Centre Emissions Need To Be Counted Separately

Data centres should have their own climate change agreement, and not be in the CRC tax, says Peter Judge

12 years ago

Carbon Emissions Reports: Clegg’s Gift From Rio

Nick Clegg's introduction of mandatory carbon reporting is not much, but at least something came out of the Rio Summit,…

12 years ago

Bloom Energy Eyes Up Data Centre Niche For Fuel Cells

Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy is turning its attention to the data centre sector to help tackle emission reduction issues

12 years ago

Businesses Are Unprepared for Carbon Accounting

With carbon taxes in the offing, more than half organisations have not heard of carbon accounting, says a survey

12 years ago

Cloud And Supply Chains Affect Emissions Targets

Ecodesk reports the inclusion of supply-chain emissions and cloud adoption distorts emissions totals

13 years ago

Study: Internet Firms Lagging On Green Strategy

Companies such as Amazon, eBay and Google must do better on energy management and emissions disclosure

13 years ago

Calls For Emission Action As Defra Launches Consultation

The government is being urged to take the lead on carbon emissions as Defra launches its consultation

13 years ago

Microsoft Study Finds Cloud Computing Is Good for the Environment

Comparing on-premise business applications to cloud equivalents, Microsoft concludes cloud computing has positive effects on the environment

14 years ago

What On Earth Is CRC?

It's too late now to register for the government's CRC scheme to reduce emissions, says Peter Judge. How come half…

14 years ago

Green Tech Waits On The Government

Britain's Energy Secretary can talk green, says Peter Judge, but will he deliver on actual measures to promote green technology?

14 years ago

Every Ash Cloud Has a Green IT Lining

Now the planes are flying again, Andrew Donoghue says let's dump business jollies and save real travel for holidays

14 years ago