HMRC Takes Over Government Gateway Phase-Out

HMRC said it may extend its own in-house identity verification scheme to other departments once the Government Gateway is terminated

7 years ago

Why Has Universal Credit Been Such A Disaster For The Government?

Universal Credit: DWP battled with GDS, was overly ambitious with timelines and considered suing suppliers

8 years ago

Embattled GDS To Take On Digital Training Role

The digital service is to take control of the DWP's training programme and establish a 'digital hub' in Aldgate

8 years ago

Universal Credit Completion Pushed Back To 2022

Welfare policy changes have added a further four years to the troubled project's timetable

8 years ago

DWP Publishes First Fraud Figures For Troubled Universal Credit

Underpayment and error figures were 'significantly' higher under the troubled benefit programme than for Jobseeker's Allowance

8 years ago

Watchdog: Universal Credit, Care.Data Need ‘Urgent Action’

Both projects are among those ranked by the Major Projects Authority as in danger of failure

9 years ago

Department Of Work And Pensions Seeks New CTO

The Department for Work and Pensions is seeking a leader to take leadership on all technology delivering services to citizens

10 years ago

Government Gives Job Centres Digital Facelift

Signing-on will be carried out using digital biometric pads, with free Internet access to be provided at Job Centre Plus…

10 years ago

Government Universal Credit IT System Woefully Understaffed

New government service to support a flagship reform is only supported by three employees

11 years ago

DWP Denies Reports Of More Universal Credit Trouble

Reports of problems with Iain Duncan Smith's Universal Credit programme are over-hyped and out of date, says a spokesman

11 years ago

IDS: Universal Credit ‘On Schedule, On Budget’

Despite damning assessments, Iain Duncan Smith says the flagship Universal Credit scheme is on track to meet its deadline and…

11 years ago

DWP Universal Credit IT System Slammed By Watchdog

DWP hits back at the NAO report, as Iain Duncan Smith blames poor management by civil servants

11 years ago

PayPal Gets A Slice Of £25m DWP Identity Contract

UK citizens will be able to register for the new Universal Credit system using their PayPal credentials

12 years ago

O2 Attracts Most Data Breach Complaints In All Of Britain

Exclusive: An FOI request reveals O2 has attracted more data protection complaints in one year than Google and Sony combined

12 years ago

RSA 2012: Government Identity Assurance Programme ‘Open To Anyone And Everyone’

Deputy director at the Cabinet Office, Chris Ferguson, tells TechWeekEurope programme is open to anyone who thinks they can do…

12 years ago

DWP IPv4 Addresses Are Not For Sale

The 16.8 million address block is being used and can’t be sold

12 years ago

Anonymous Attacks DWP Website Over Privacy Breaches

The DWP becomes the next target of Anonymous splinter cell, the ATeam

12 years ago

DWP Confirms 1,000 Open Source Desktops Pilot

Microsoft beware: a major UK government department is to trial open source desktops

13 years ago

Government CIO, Harley Steps Down

Joe Harley, Government CIO responsible for new strategy will retire in 2012

13 years ago

Atos Healthcare Accuses Online Critics Of Libel

The company responsible for doling out government incapacity benefit is waging war against its online critics

13 years ago