Investors Sue SolarWinds Directors Over Security Breach

Group of investors sues SolarWinds directors over massive 2020 security breach, as Microsoft warns Russian hackers ramping up attacks on…

3 weeks ago

REvil Hacking Gang Forced Offline In Multi-Country Operation

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the US and partner countries hack REvil's infrastructure and force notorious ransomware gang offline

1 month ago

US Adds Russian Cybersecurity Firms To Trade Blacklist

US Commerce Department places Russian IT security companies on trade blacklist over alleged links to spy services amidst series of…

5 months ago

European Commission Plans Joint Cyber Unit

European authorities propose a joint cyber unit to tackle large-scale security incidents, with European nations sharing their cyber expertise and…

5 months ago

President Biden Warns Putin Over Russian Cyberattacks

During face-to-face talks President Biden warns Putin that cyberattacks on critical infrastructure will result in 'retaliation'

6 months ago

US Proposes $750m For Federal SolarWinds Response

Budget proposed by US president Joe Biden includes $750m for federal agencies affected by SolarWinds attack to improve cybersecurity infrastructure

6 months ago

Colonial Pipeline CEO Confirms Ransom Payment

Despite paying the ransom to cyber criminals, some internal Colonial Pipeline systems are still reportedly not functioning

7 months ago

US Security Firm FireEye Hacked By ‘Nation-State’ Attacker

Security firm admits company tools used to test customers' security have been stolen by a "highly sophisticated threat actor"

12 months ago

Paying Ransomware Demands May Violate Sanctions, US Treasury Warns

Never pay. Insurers and others are warned by US Treasury Dept that cyberattack payouts to hackers may violate US sanction…

1 year ago

Npm Removes Data Theft Code

Popular JavaScript developer tool removes malicious package that tried to steal data, in latest attack on software supply chain

1 year ago

The Tech Of Policing: Part 1: The Digital Police

In this first part of a three-part series, Silicon UK considers how UK police forces are using technology today? With…

1 year ago

Hacker Forums Contain Over 15 Billion Stolen Credentials

Sheer scale of stolen user data available online on hacker foums revealed in a report from data loss detection firm…

1 year ago

Microsoft And Others Takedown Botnet Necurs

One of the world's largest botnets that was responsible for multiple scams and infected over nine million computers, has been…

2 years ago

UK Businesses At Risk Due To Cyber Skills Shortage

The cyber skills gap in the UK has reached breaking point for British businesses, RedSeal research warns

2 years ago

Chinese Government Hackers Moonlight For Extra Cash – FireEye

Will hack for cash!. Team of Chinese government-backed hackers conduct cyber operations on the side for cash

2 years ago

Cybercrime Costs £2.3m Every Minute, RiskIQ Warns

Cost implications of cyber threats revealed after report malicious activity on the internet cost £1.2 trillion last year

2 years ago

GozNym Cybercrime Gang Dismantled in Global Operation

Law enforcement in many countries take down a criminal gang that used malware to steal millions

3 years ago

Each Police Force Gets Dedicated Cybercrime Unit

Government cash injection means each police force in England and Wales has now got its own dedicated cybercrime unit

3 years ago

Cyber-Crime Losses Soar To £34.6m In Second Half Of 2018

More than 13,000 people reported falling victim to cyber-crime in the latter part of the year, as hackers target email…

3 years ago

GCHQ Warns Brits Of Black Friday Cybercrime

Issues top tips to help Brits avoid being a victim of cyber-crime over the Black Friday period

3 years ago

IT Life: André Stewart, Netskope

André Stewart, head of EMEA for Californian cloud security firm Netskope, talks about using artificial intelligence to fight cybercrime, the…

3 years ago

Regulators Consider Record-Breaking £30m Fine For Tesco Bank Hack

The 2016 incident, the first mass breach of accounts at a western bank, forced Tesco's financial arm to temporarily shut…

3 years ago

Information Commissioner Issues UK’s First Formal GDPR Notice

Data protection stakes are higher than ever as regulator fines Equifax £500,000 and issues a GDPR notice to firm that…

3 years ago

Researchers Pin BA Hack On Notorious ‘Skimming’ Gang

The Magecart group modified site scripts to steal details directly from BA's site and app, even using a legitimate-looking security…

3 years ago

US Charges North Korean Hacker For WannaCry, Sony Attacks

The individual allegedly worked with a China-based group to carry out a string of attacks and bank heists, stealing £62m…

3 years ago

British Airways Hack ‘Compromises’ Customers’ Financial Details

The incident involved the theft of payment card details over a period of two weeks at the height of the…

3 years ago

Fraud Experts Warn Over Compromise Of Passport Data In Air Canada Breach

Hackers may have accessed detailed passport information on thousands of Air Canada customers after its app was compromised late last…

3 years ago

Hackers ‘Wiped All Traces’ After £10m Bank Heist

The sophisticated attack on India's second-largest bank was probably carried out by a state-backed hacking group, say analysts

3 years ago

Police Figures Cite Cybercrime, Digital Data As Top Concern

An exponential surge in data and a decentralised structure are making cyber-policing increasingly difficult

3 years ago

Hackers Steal Millions From Mexican Banks Via Fake Transfers

The incident may have been orchestrated by organised criminals, says Mexico's central bank

4 years ago