COVID-19 app

NHS Covid-19 App Updated To Ease ‘Pingdemic’

As expected, government eases sensitivity of its NHS Covid-19 app in effort to reduce 'pingdemic' causing worker shortages

4 months ago

NHS Covid App Could Be Changed, Minister Confirms

Government minister admits that as Covid restrictions are eased in England on 19 July, the NHS app will need to…

5 months ago

NHS Covid-19 App Saved Up To 8,700 Lives, Says Research Paper

NHS contact tracing app used in England and Wales during Coronavirus pandemic saved thousands of lives, research suggests

7 months ago

Track-and-Trace Personal Data Stolen In The Netherlands

Leak surrounding the Netherlands’ coronavirus track-and-trace programme, results in the personal data of people being stolen, amid curfew riots

10 months ago

Coronavirus Tracing App Released In Northern Ireland

Mobile app for tracking and tracing coronavirus cases in Northern Ireland has been released to Apple and Google App stores

1 year ago

Immunity Passports: Identifying The Infected

As the UK wrestles with its ability to use technology to trace and track COVID-19 infections, will immunity passports become…

1 year ago