Microsoft Disputes FCC Broadband Coverage Figures

Redmond disagrees with US regulator's claim of improving broadband coverage in the United States

3 years ago

Vodafone Sure Signal Premium Promises To Boost Indoor Mobile Coverage For Businesses

Small cell-powered Vodafone Sure Signal Premium targets mobile-dependent large and medium sized businesses

8 years ago

Vodafone To Avoid Ofcom Action After Meeting 3G Coverage Requirements

Vodafone meets 3G license requirement, six months after everyone else

8 years ago

German Operators Pump Up Oktoberfest Phone Coverage

GERMANY: It's not just beer - Octoberfest visitors want signal!

9 years ago

Ofcom Faces Criticism Over Rural Mobile Coverage

An advisory panel has urged Ofcom to ensure that rural areas suffer no more mobile 'not-spots'

10 years ago

BBC Crowdsources UK 3G Coverage Map

The BBC is asking Android users to upload information which will map Britain's 3G coverage

11 years ago

BT Fibre ‘Leaves Out Up To 60 Percent Of Cabinets’

BT is accused of misrepresenting the actual coverage of fibre-based broadband in enabled exchange areas

11 years ago