connected car

CES 2020: 8K Televisions, Virtual Assistants On Display At Tech Show

Samsung and others show off massive 8K televisions, as virtual assistants make their way into electric vehicles and showerheads

2 years ago

BlackBerry Toughens QNX Against Car Hackers

Hacker proof cars? BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor launch allows for partition and isolation of safety-critical systems

5 years ago

Toyota Adopts Open Source Software For In-Car Systems

Spread of open-source software continues into vehicles with Toyota opting for Linux-based platform

5 years ago

Researchers Switch Off Car Engine Using Connected Dongle Vulerability

Researchers tricked the dongle into thinking it was connected to a car before hijacking the device

5 years ago

Microsoft Signs Connected Car Deal With Renault-Nissan

Microsoft grabs a seat in the car with Azure deal with Renault-Nissan, but what smartphone will the driver be using?

6 years ago

LG, VW Collaborating To Develop A Connected Car And Home Platform

The joint research between LG and VW aims to create a next-generation platform that better connects cars and homes for…

6 years ago