Barclaycard bPay Loop Brings Contactless Payments To Watches And Fitness Bands

Barclaycard says £20 bPay loop can turn existing items into contactless payment devices

8 years ago

Why Do Some Payment Technologies Rise And Others Fall?

Barclaycard's Nick Kerigan tells us what can payment companies can learn from tech providers

8 years ago

Contactless Payments Gets Fashionable With Topshop’s bPay Range

Accessories including smartphone cases and wristbands could be a hit this Christmas

9 years ago

Apple Pay Is Coming To Barclays In 2016

Customer complaint reveals Apple Pay for Barclays will arrive next year

9 years ago

Lyle & Scott’s Contactless Jacket Is The Most Stylish Way To Pay Yet

£150 jacket has bPay contactless payment technology built in to the cuff

9 years ago

Barclaycard Takes bPay To The Public

Three new bPay devices, including contactless wristband, fob and sticker, go on sale July 1

9 years ago

It’s Official – Contactless Payments Are Taking Over

‘Tap and pay’ becoming increasingly popular, with 45 million contactless payments card now active in the UK, Barclaycard survey finds

9 years ago

Barclaycard Brings A Bit Of Glove Love To Contactless Shopping

Laden down with bags? Concept wearable device allows contactless payment with just a wave of the hand

10 years ago