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Tesla Bluetooth Locks Can Be Hacked, Warns NCC Group

Digital locks, including those fitted to Tesla vehicles, are vulnerable to being unlocked via an exploit of a vulnerability in…

3 months ago

Bluetooth 5.1 Delivers Pinpoint Location Accuracy

Location services boost as new spec delivers exact location data, to within one centimetre

4 years ago

Bluetooth Pairing Bug To Be Repaired

Update coming for Bluetooth after pairing vulnerability could see attacker intercept communications

4 years ago

New Bluetooth Standard Enables Mesh Networking For IoT

Bluetooth developers offer 'industrial grade' spec upgrade to include support for mesh networking

5 years ago

IT Life: Martin Woolley, Technical Program Manager At Bluetooth SIG

Bluetooth SIG's technical program manager Martin Woolley talks us through his career in IT and the three apps that he…

5 years ago