battery life

Nyobolt Reveals EV Battery That Recharges In Just Five Minutes

Range anxiety solution? Nyobolt demos its ultra-fast charging car battery recharging to 80 percent in just five minutes

2 weeks ago

Toyota Claims Battery Breakthrough For EVs

Holy grail moment? Japanese car giant Toyota claims solid-state battery charges in ten minutes and has range of 745 miles

1 year ago

Apple Faces £750m Claim Over Battery Slowdown

Battery gate returns. Fresh claim against Apple over its deliberate policy of slowing older iPhones in order to protect handsets…

2 years ago

Panasonic Prototype Battery Lasts Five Times Longer

Prototype battery from Tesla supplier Panasonic, has five times the storage capacity of current batteries, and also costs 50 percent…

3 years ago

Apple Releases MagSafe Battery Pack For iPhone 12

Needing some extra juice for a dying battery? MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone 12 unveiled by Apple on Tuesday…

3 years ago

StoreDot Demos Five Minute Charging Car Battery

No more electric car range anxiety? Israeli firm StoreDot touts car electric battery that can be charged in just five…

3 years ago

Apple Faces European Lawsuit Over Battery Slowdown

Advocacy group Euroconsumers launches lawsuits in Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal over Apple's deliberate policy of slowing older iPhones

4 years ago

Apple Pays $113 Million To Settle iPhone Slowdown Probe

Deliberately policy by Apple to slow down older iPhone models, results in another financial settlement for investigation by US states

4 years ago

Elon Musk Touts Capacity Increase Ahead Of ‘Battery Day’

Ahead of its widely touted 'battery day' event, Elon Musk hints at a 50 percent rise in battery capacity within…

4 years ago

IBM’s New Battery Design Utilises Seawater

No heavy metals. New battery design from IBM boffins does not use cobalt and instead uses minerals extracted from sea…

5 years ago

Apple Promises To Be ‘Upfront’ About iPhone Battery Health

Promises UK watchdog that it will be “clearer and more upfront” with iPhone users about battery health

5 years ago

Apple Faces US Senate Questions About Free Battery Replacement

Apple battery-gate rumbles on as US senator demands to know if Apple considered free battery replacements

7 years ago

Apple’s Cheap iPhone Battery Replacement Offer ‘To Hurt Sales’

Sales of the iPhone may be badly impacted by Apple's offer to replace batteries at a cheaper rate

7 years ago

Apple Says Sorry For iPhone Slowdown

Mea culpa. Apple apologises for slowing down older iPhones, but denies attempt to force customers to upgrade

7 years ago

Apple Confirms It Slows Down Older iPhones

Apple admits it does slow down older iPhones due to 'ageing batteries', but do other smartphone makers?

7 years ago

Nearly All Laptop Battery Life Claims Are ‘Overstated’ Which? Warns

Nearly all laptop makers are overstating the battery life of their devices, warns Which

7 years ago

Apple Patches Safari Bug Causing MacBook Pro Battery Issues

Cupertino places blame on the testing actions of Consumer Reports triggering the flaw

8 years ago

Consumer Reports Warns Of Macbook Pro Battery Issue

Apple begins investigation after important US consumer body fails to recommend Macbook Pro for first time over battery-life

8 years ago

Apple Offers Tool To Check For Faulty iPhone 6S Batteries

Apple admits some iPhone 6S handsets have a battery fault and offers free battery checking tool

8 years ago

Microsoft Readies Patch For Surface Pro 3 Battery Problem

Limited battery life with Surface Pro 3 is down to a software problem, Microsoft confirms as it readies patch

8 years ago

10 Apps To Speed Up Your Smartphone

At the mercy of an ailing device? Here's our guide to the apps that'll speed up your smartphone

8 years ago

MWC 2016: Oppo’s ‘World’s Fastest Phone Charger’ Can Fill Battery In 15 Mins

Oppo ‘Flash Charge’ can give ten hours of talk time after just five minutes of charging

8 years ago

StoreDot Bio Battery Ready For Smartphones In 2016

The bio-organic battery from StoreDot that can be fully charged in just 26 seconds, could be available on the market…

10 years ago

The New Chip That Could Double Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

New chip will potentially tackle one of the biggest bugbears for smartphone users, namely battery life

10 years ago

Sugar-Powered Battery Could Be Your Phone’s Next Boost

Breakthrough from American scientists means your smartphone or tablet could be sugar-powered in just a few years

10 years ago

Boffins Claim ‘Super Battery’ Breakthrough

Researchers in America claim to have invented a new type of “super battery” that may transform gadgets

11 years ago

Nokia Lumia 800 Gets Battery Boost Update

Nokia responds to customer complaints over battery with a Lumia 800 update

12 years ago

Apple iPhone Tops Customer Satisfaction Poll

The Apple iPhone continues to remain top dog in terms of user satisfaction, according to a JD Power poll

12 years ago

LTE Power Consumption Triggers Battery Worry

LTE smartphones offer much faster mobile data access, but reports are also emerging of voracious power consumption

12 years ago

Battery Powered Clothing To Charge Mobile Devices

Scientists have touted a flexible battery that can be woven into clothing in order to power mobile devices

12 years ago