autonomous driving

Waymo, Nuro Launch Robo-Delivery Services In California

Cruise starts robo-delivery service in Mountain View as Waymo plans limited trial of grocery-delivery service in San Francisco early next…

1 day ago

Tesla Demands Video Access For Full Self Driving Testers

Drivers who pay to join Tesla's Full-Self Driving (FSD) system beta, must now consent to releasing identifiable video footage in…

2 weeks ago

Tesla Recalls 12,000 US Cars Over Software Glitch

NHTSA confirms Tesla is recalling 12,000 vehicles in the US over a 'software communication error' involving its FSD beta program

1 month ago

Tesla Reaches $1 Trillion Valuation

Car maker Tesla now worth at least double that of Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford combined, after breaching $1 trillion market…

1 month ago

Waymo Stops Selling Lidar To Outside Companies

Alphabet-owned autonomous driving company Waymo ends two-year effort at selling in-house lidar to outside firms, following executive departures

3 months ago

Tesla’s Elon Musk Says Latest Self-Driving Beta Is ‘Not Great’

Elon Musk issues blunt assessment of Telsa's experimental driver assistance software, despite his previous claim of autonomous driving

4 months ago

Alphabet’s Waymo Raises $2.5 Billion Funding

Fresh round of investment into self-driving division of Alphabet, to help grow Waymo and develop its autonomous driving tech

6 months ago

Telsa Executives Says Fatal ‘Driverless’ Crash Had Driver

Tesla contradicts official investigators and insist deformed steering wheel shows someone was behind the wheel at fatal crash

7 months ago

Toyota Buys Lyft’s Autonomous Car Unit for $550m

Japanese car maker Toyota acquires the autonomous vehicle division of ride-hailing firm Lyft, after four years of development

7 months ago

Honda To Mass Produce Level 3 Self Driving Cars

Move over Tesla. Honda says it will be the first car maker in the world to mass produce a level…

1 year ago

Tesla Autopilot Rated ‘Distant Second’ By Consumer Reports

More bad news for Tesla Autopilot system after Consumer Reports testing found it is 'distant second' to similar system from…

1 year ago

Tesla Autopilot Scored Lower Than Systems From Mercedes, BMW

Beaten by rivals? European safety assessment scores Tesla Autopilot system lower than similar systems from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi

1 year ago

Tesla Driver Charged For Sleeping As Car Drove At 90mph

Unbelievable! Driver in Canada charged with dangerous driving, after he slept in fully reclined seat as his Tesla car drove…

1 year ago

Tesla ‘Very Close’ To Full Autonomous Driving, Says Elon Musk

Tesla boss believes cars will be able to carry out full autonomous driving without human attention by the end of…

1 year ago

The future according to Fujitsu: AI, quantum computing, 5G, and the coming struggle for global tech dominance

Fujitsu talks quantum computing, AI, self-driving vehicles, 5G, and the data analytics arms race.

2 years ago

Nvidia Joins Forces With Bosch To Bring Drive PX Xavier Tech To Driverless Cars

Nvidia will supply the tech, while Bosch provides the sensor electronics for autonomous vehicles

5 years ago

Nissan To Test Self Driving Cars In London Next Month

Sign of the times. Modified Nissan Leaf to be driven on crowded public streets in London next month

5 years ago

Driverless Cars Can Reduce Delays And Journey Times, Says Government

The Department for Transport used computer modeling to measure the impact autonomous vehicles will have on traffic flow

5 years ago

All New Tesla Electric Cars Will Come With Self-Driving Hardware

Elon Musk’s car company is determined to usher in an era of autonomous cars

5 years ago

Volvo Calls For Greater Co-Operation On Driverless Cars

UK needs to be more like the Nordics to push forward autonomous car development, Volvo boss says

6 years ago

Ford Ramps Up Self-Driving Car Tests

Autonomous vehicles will now be tested on Californian roads as Ford grows research team

6 years ago

Tech-Heavy Audi A4 Lays Foundations For The Future Of Driving

TechWeekEurope takes the Audi A4 for a spin and finds how driving aids and smart entertainment features could form the…

6 years ago

Google Self-Driving Cars Involved In Eleven Accidents

Prototype vehicles have been in only a handful of accidents in six years and over a million miles of testing,…

7 years ago