Apple Maps

Apple Maps Receives Big Update To Help Local Businesses

Notable update to Apple Maps allows for addition of detailed business listings, photos, buttons and promotions across Apple ecosystem

2 years ago

Apple Services Resume After Multiple Outages

App Store and other Apple services are back online after outages over a two day period, reportedly being blamed on…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Apple Begins Publishing Mobility Data

Not as detailed as Google's Covid-19 Community Mobility reports, but Apple has released a tool that shows changes in people's…

4 years ago

Apple Compiles With Moscow Demands Over Crimea

Apple has altered Apple Maps for Russian people to show Crimea as Russian, despite illegal invasion

5 years ago

Apple Was ‘Embarrassed’ By Disastrous Maps Launch In 2012

Apple executives discuss the backlash and lessons learned from the heavily criticised maps launch with iOS 6

8 years ago

‘Apple Cars’ To Add Street View Images To Maps

Company vehicles to hit the street in an effort to keep up with Google Maps

9 years ago

Apple Maps To Be Boosted By Public Transit App HopStop – Report

iPhone maker makes second mapping acquisition in a week as it seeks to improve Apple Maps

11 years ago

Apple Acquires Canadian Startup Locationary To Boost Apple Maps – Report

Apple Maps to get more accurate local business listings according to reports

11 years ago

Google Maps Editing Hits UK

Brits get to annotate Google Maps, with Map Maker

11 years ago

Apple Acquires Indoor Map Startup WifiSLAM

Apple Maps' indoor mapping to be improved by $20m acqusition of WifiSLAM

11 years ago

Apple Blamed After Google Maps Loses App Crown

Google Maps is no longer the most popular mobile app in the US, having been overtaken by Facebook

11 years ago

Google Maps iOS App Hits 10 Million Downloads

In its first 48 hours of being released, the Google Maps app for iOS has hit an impressive 10 million…

12 years ago

Apple Axes Richard Williamson After Maps Debacle

Apple has reportedly fired another high-level executive in the wake of the disastrous reception to the Apple Maps app

12 years ago

Google Adds Indoor Maps For Christmas Shopping

To aid the Black Friday and Christmas shopping spree, Google has released indoor maps of selected worldwide locations

12 years ago

Apple Execs Take The Blame For Apple’s Flaws

Two executives are being laid off by Apple. The one common factor is they are taking the blame for Apple's…

12 years ago

Apple Dumps iOS Head – And Retail Boss It Hired From Dixons

After Apple Maps went wrong, they had to show Forstall the door it seems...

12 years ago

Google Street View Now On Apple iPad And Mobiles

Good news for mobile users after Google makes Street View available to both Apple iOS 6 and Android

12 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologises For Apple Maps

Tim Cook even suggests Apple Maps users should switch to Google Maps

12 years ago

If Not Apple Maps – Then What Do You Use?

Tell us how you get around: Apple Maps, Google, Nafteq, TomTom... or paper?

12 years ago

Can Nokia Gain From The Apple Maps Mishap?

Apple Maps is a big mistake by Apple, and plays to Nokia's major strength in mapping, says Michelle Maisto

12 years ago

Apple Maps Fails To Impress iOS 6 Users

Apple Maps offers iPhone and iPad users a fake airport in South Dublin

12 years ago