Google Chrome Blocks Autoplay Of Video With Sound

No more frantic dash to discover which browser tab is blaring out annoying video with sound as Chrome stops autoplay

6 years ago

Adblock Plus Comes To Windows 10 Edge Browser

Windows 10 Anniversary adds support for Edge extensions, including pop up gatekeeper Adblock Plus

8 years ago

Microsoft Edge Now Offers AdBlock Plus

Free Windows Store AdBlock apps will allow users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 browser to surf the web without annoying ads

8 years ago

Google Pulls Samsung Ad Blocking App From Play Store

Ad blocking app for Samsung phones pulled from Google's Play Store for breach of terms and conditions

8 years ago

Samsung Brings Ad Blocking To Its Android Browser

Samsung Internet now lets users install content and ad blocking plugins

8 years ago

AdBlock Plus Arrives on iTunes, Promises Whitelist Scrutiny

AdBlock Plus finally arrives on Apple App Store, amid promise its "whitelist" will open up to outside scrutiny

9 years ago

Adblock Plus Returns To Android, Arrives On iOS

No more pesky adverts as Adblock Plus launches on both Google Play Store and Apple iOS

9 years ago

Adblock Plus Rolls Out Mass Deployment For IT Administrators

Network administrators can now deploy Adblock across entire enterprise with the benefit of skipping 'first run page'

9 years ago

What Does AdBlock Plus Mean For The Future Of Online Publishers?

Some argue that AdBlock Plus has the potential to destroy publishing revenues, so what can be done for Internet users…

9 years ago

Adblocking Declared 100 Percent Legal By German Courts

Hamburg courts give Adblock the nod in a "victory for every single Internet user"

9 years ago