New VMware Open-Source Client Heralds New Devices

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VMware View Open Client, released 3rd February, will most likely boost the number of thin-client devices from Wyse, HP and Sun.

VMware View is the new name for VMware’s VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) platform. And while the announcement of the GNU licensing and open sourcing of this product is news, the code is actually the product formerly known as VMware VDM Client for Linux Version 2.1.1. This version does not have any feature improvements from VMware View 3.0.

The notion behind VMware View Open Client is that thin-client makers will use the open source code to optimise their product for remote desktop delivery to users. A nonsupported version of the code is available here, and a 60-day trial of VMware View is available here.

I downloaded the VMware View Open Client and tried it in the eWEEK Labs local test network. I ran into some snags – probably in my setup – getting the client to connect to a Windows desktop so bear with the delay as I get the screen shots together.

VMware has products that enable VDI connections from Linux (in fact, this product under a different name) and Windows. The release of VMware View Open Client is a good faith effort to fast-track the number of certified VMware thin-client offerings in the marketplace. This increased choice is a good thing for IT organisations, namely as it will further commoditise thin clients while also providing a way for thin-client vendors to more quickly add features.