Escaped Prisoner Still Using Facebook To Taunt Police

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An escaped prisoner continues to use Facebook to taunt British police for their inability to catch him over the Christmas break

An escaped prisoner is continuing his taunts of British police via the social networking website Facebook, boasting of his ability to ‘beat the system.’

28 year old Craig “Lazie” Lynch first gained notoriety before Christmas, after he absconded from the 330-inmate Hollesley Bay open prison near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Lynch was finishing a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary and following his escape, he created a Facebook web page in which he bragged about relaxing on a sunbed, eating 12lb steaks, and making plans to attend a New Year’s Eve party in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Not content with that, on Christmas day the criminal posted a photo of himself adorned in tinsel, making his usual one finger salute to the camera.

“If any of you was doubtin my freedom. Here’s proof. How the f*** could i get my hands on a bird like this in jail. ha ha,” he wrote.

“Wow it really is xmas ha ha i cant beleive i made it f*** tha police,” he wrote later that day. “’YES YES i f***in made it to Xmas i beat their f***n system and i love it. I love you all my family my friends my lovers and all my supporters and fans i love the whole lot of you x x your the best merry xmas merry xmas merry xmas ho ho ho.”

At one point Lynch said he heard sirens in the early hours outside his house and assumed he was about to be arrested. He posted an update, saying: “Oh No sirens!! Its happening.”

Unfortunately, it emerged the noise came from an ambulance attending to an elderly woman across the street from his hideout.

“It is freezin out there. I wonder if i can take the right p*** and stay out til the summertime ha ha,” he wrote on Sunday.

“”I aint handin myself in. Why am i going to do their job for them,” he later wrote. “What do they get payed for. And does anyone have a cannon, i need firing over the atlantic.”

Before Christmas the brazen burglar had 199 ‘friends’, but now he has attracted a following of 1,247 people on Facebook.

Fans have apparently been adding messages of support to his site, but others have posted messages describing him as an idiot and have even created an opposition page called Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch is a LOSER!

Author: Tom Jowitt
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