FireEye And F5 Networks Will Co-Develop Security Products

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Firms join forces to offer integrated security products to help customers combat growing threat of cybercrime

Security firm FireEye and F5 Networks will co-develop cloud-based security products to help combat the growing threat of cybercrime.

The new partners will combine F5’s application delivery infrastructure and FireEye’s security systems to create “comprehensive” security services that will help businesses run cloud applications and deploy mobile device management services across their workforce.

“We’re bringing the worlds of network security and information security together in a way that’s easy to consume and easy to support,” said Rich Stegina, FireEye’s vice president of technology alliance partners.


acquisition handshake ©Drazen shutterstockThese new products will include security features such as network segmentation and policy management, protocol conformance, DDoS mitigation, SSL inspection, advanced threat protection, intrusion prevention, threat intelligence, forensics, and analytics.

Customers will also now be able to react faster to any malicious activity on their network or breach of the company’s defences, and also gain improved visibility into the growing stream of encrypted traffic thanks to a new integrated security architecture.

The deal will also see the two companies work together on a unified approach to worldwide sales, deployment and support.

“Our partnership with F5 addresses critical business issues for our customers – matching IT growth and security to support the business,” said Steve Pataky, vice president of worldwide channels and alliances at FireEye.

“We’ve consistently seen a complimentary delivery cycle with F5, and now we can provide seamless joint customer engagement, as well as the support and reach necessary to protect more organisations around the world.”

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