BT Releases Its Own DDoS Mitigation Service


BT’s Assure platform goes into global availability as the heart of Cloud of Clouds vision

BT has released its own cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation platform, claiming that the service will help its customers stay secure amidst growing numbers of cyber attacks.

The service is the latest beefing up of BT’s ‘Cloud of Clouds’, the company’s vision for a unified set of cloud computing products.

Called ‘Assure’, the mitigation service works by ‘cleaning’ incoming internet traffic and sorting through the normal and malicious requests. Assure is hosted on one single platform, meaning that rogue traffic is detected automatically and action taken promptly, said BT.


“Security is at the very top of the agenda for CIOs, and business leaders in general,” said BT Security CEO Mark Hughes.

BT“The risks associated with cloud computing are another business risk to be managed through robust governance practices, and those risks increase as organisations embrace cloud services hosted outside of their own estate.”

Hughes said that BT’s Cloud of Clouds vision is to make security the heart of BT’s cloud services package.

BT unveiled its Cloud of Clouds security capabilities to analysts and customers in September, alongside the opening of its global security showcase in Sevenoaks, UK.

The facility is designed for BT’s corporate and public sector customers who wants to build out their business with added security features in mind, said BT. It provides access to cyber security specialists and shows off to visitors demonstrations of a real-life working environment and its security actions based on up to the minute threat intelligence.

Assure DDOS mitigation is designed as a modular, subscription cloud-based service, so different levels of protection can be added as required with no capital expenditure. The service was launched in the UK in 2014 and is now available globally.

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