IBM Opens Up Security App Exchange To Tackle Cybercrime

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Opening up IBM Security QRadar will allow sharing of new apps and knowledge on the latest threats

IBM is opening up its online security app development platform to allow companies to build and develop their own security apps.

From today, the IBM Security QRadar platform will be made available to the security community in order to boost the level of collaboration in the security industry.

The company is also launching an App Exchange marketplace to let the most successful apps be shared in order to boost online protection where it is most needed.


security superheroThe QRadar platform uses analytics and threat intelligence to detect security compromises for thousands of companies across the world.

And alongside today’s announcement, IBM has also updated QRadar with new automated response capabilities which will allow customers to create rules that automatically take action to protect against specific threats once they’ve been detected.

IBM has already worked with partners including Bit9 + Carbon Black, BrightPoint Security, Exabeam and Resilient Systems to populate the IBM Security App Exchange with dozens of customised apps, covering areas such as user behavior, endpoint data and incident visualization.

Today’s launch is IBM’s second major security operation following its reveal of the X-Force Exchange threat sharing platform back in April, which so far has seen more than 2,000 organisations joining to share in the 700TB database of security threat data.

“With thousands of customers now standardising on IBM’s security technologies, opening this platform for closer collaboration and development with partners and customers changes the economics of fighting cybercrime,” said Marc van Zadelhoff, vice president, strategy and product management at IBM Security.

“Sharing expertise across the security industry will allow us to innovate more quickly in order to help stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks.”

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