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With Blade Runner 2049 out, we decided it was time to test your movie knowledge!

Last week saw the theatrical release of Blade Runner 2049, which presents an alternate version of the year – you guessed it – 2049.

But the original film was set in 2019, which doesn’t seem that far away at all so are we heading for a dystopian future? Or are we already living in one?

movie camera

While you ponder that rather admittedly deep question, why not try our quiz about tech and the movies? 

It will test your knowledge of fictional and real technology, along with the how the two industries have interacted over the past few decades.

This quiz has much to thank Silicon alumnus Peter Judge for, and he would appreciate it if you saw as many of the films mentioned in the quiz, and notes that all questions concern feasible technologies. That’s why The Matrix isn’t in it. Sorry Keanu.

Try our Tech at the Movies Quiz!

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