TechWeek Readers Believe UK Tech Is Better In The EU

Just a third of TechWeek readers think a Brexit will help the British technology industry as EU referendum nears

TechWeekEurope readers believe the British technology industry is better off with the UK as a member of the European Union, echoing the views of UK tech leaders who have urged the electorate to vote ‘remain’ at the referendum on Thursday.

More than half (55.6 percent) agree that UK tech benefits from the EU, compared to a third (33.9 percent) who disagreed. A further 10.5 percent said they didn’t know.

Overall, the industry is overwhelmingly in favour of the UK’s continued membership of the EU.

UK tech doesn’t want Brexit

Brexit PollResearch from industry body techUK suggests 70 percent of its members want to stay in the EU, 15 percent want to leave and 15 percent don’t know.

The majority support the UK’s membership because it makes the country more attractive to international investment, makes the UK more globally competitive and gives it a more favourable trading relationship with other members.

Industry body Tech London Advocates found 87 percent of its members wanted the UK to remain a while another ten percent declined to give their view on the matter. This meant just three percent advocated a ‘leave’ vote.

The CEOs of BT and Virgin Media have suggested broadband infrastructure investmet could be at risk in the event of a Brexit and earlier this week, the UK heads of IBM, Microsoft and SAP were among 34 to have signed an open letter urging the UK to vote ‘remain’.

The results of the referendum are due to be announced on Friday.

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