IT Workers Most Likely To Have Sex At Work Christmas Parties

Those who work in IT and HR are the biggest culprits for naughty behaviour, Ann Summers study reveals

The festive party season has arrived and many of you will be getting down and dirty with one of your colleagues, or even a client, according to Ann Summers.

The British retailer, which specialises in sex toys and lingerie, surveyed 2,000 UK adults to discover exactly what workers get up to at the annual Christmas social gatherings.

Play it safe?

More a third (39 percent) of respondents admitted to having sex at the Christmas party with those in IT and HR being the most likely (63 percent and 56 percent retrospectively) compared to those in education (27 percent) and health (29 percent) who play it safe.

office workersAnd where do we sneak off for an out-of-hours rendezvous? The top five locations to have sex during a Christmas party are as follows:

Car park (25 percent)
Boardroom (21 percent)
Storage cupboard (18 percent)
Boss’s office (16 percent)
On your desk (15 percent)

One in 10 people also revealed that they had had sex in the office canteen and eight percent have even risked the office pool table.

When it comes to seniority, you’re more likely to get up to mischief at this year’s party if you’re a senior manager with 65 percent claiming to have had sex, compared to just 28 percent of directors and 26 percent of junior staff members.

Over half of those surveyed (54 percent) admitted to snogging a colleague but it doesn’t stop there. Of those who revealed getting up to mischief at the Christmas do, 10 percent had kissed their boss, and nine percent said they had cheated on their partner. When it comes to kissing a client – those in transport and logistics are most likely to have a cheeky smooch compared to finance and purchasing who are the least likely.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one in five (19 percent) also revealed they had got really drunk and embarrassed themselves.

Looking at which sectors are most likely to push the boundaries, either by kissing, having sex or getting incredibly drunk, these are:

IT (76 percent)
Legal (74 percent)
HR (72 percent)
Transport and logistics (72 percent)
Finance (71 percent)
Media and marketing (68 percent)
Sales (67 percent)
Business administration (57 percent)
Health (52 percent)
Education (45 percent)

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