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uLab Systems Hits Another Commercial Milestone with over 13K Cases Planned

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uLab Systems, the creator of the innovative aligner planning software,
announced the achievement of another significant milestone with over
13,000 cases planned in less than one year.

Last summer, uLab launched a pilot program to receive market feedback on
their chairside movement planning software. The market response has been
exceptional with over 13,000 cases planned. These cases include aligner
cases, hybrid cases, and combo cases – all planned by the orthodontist
right in their office. Doctors have been quick to adopt the software and
have easily integrated uLab into their workflow. In fact, uLab users are
able to create movement plans in as little as 10 minutes. Many with 3D
printers are even able to offer same day aligners, bringing efficiency
and increased patient satisfaction to their practice.

Dr. Chad Rowan of Rowan Orthodontics in Merced, CA, was one of the early
pilot orthodontists. “We have loved having uLab as a partner in our
practice. It has filled a need we have had in our business where we
previously did not have great alternatives. Just yesterday we had a
former patient that was home from college who lost her retainers and
experienced significant relapse, ask us what she should do. She was
returning to school in Arizona that day, and between her morning
appointment at 11 we were able to reconstruct her smile in uLab and
manufacture her 12 aligners before we closed in the afternoon at 5.

Charlie Wen, President and CTO of uLab states, “We are thrilled to see
our vision of giving control back to the orthodontists come to life in
the marketplace. We are constantly working to make better movement
planning software for efficient in-office printing. In fact, we will be
sharing the latest 4.0 version of the uLab software and preview of next
version, at the upcoming American Association of Orthodontists
tradeshow. The software has a host of new features driven by feedback
from orthodontists in our pilot program. The most prominent new feature
is our advanced artificial intelligence – with one click of a button it
automatically prepares everything you need to move teeth and even learns
your preferences over time to simplify future set ups. With this AI
addition also comes a feature to quickly create the first three aligners
as well as the finishing retainer. In addition, we will show our one of
a kind indirect bonding tray which is sure to help with your
bracket-based cases. Also, at AAO, we’ll demonstrate our uContour
machine, the first of its kind, automated aligner trimming machine that
completes the task in under a minute. We hope to see you at AAO booth
#1247 for a hands-on demonstration of the software and uContour.”

uLab is actively preparing to expand their launch by offering new
licenses to orthodontists at the AAO annual meeting in May. If you would
like to learn more about uLab Systems or are interested in partnering
with uLab, please visit the website
or contact us via the information below.

About uLab Systems

uLab is led by entrepreneurs and technologists committed to serving the
orthodontic community and their patients by giving control back to
orthodontists. uLab Systems is located in Redwood City, CA and was
founded in 2015 by Charlie Wen and Amir Abolfathi.