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Strategy Analytics: Wireless Base Station Sectors Poised to Double by 2024

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Driven by the explosive growth of emerging 5G networks, the number of
new base stations sectors deployed will double between 2018 and 2024. 5G
relies on network architectures incorporating traditional macrocells and
lower power small cells in sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave frequency
bands. The Strategy Analytics Advanced Semiconductor Applications (ASA)
service report, “
– 2024 Wireless Base Station Sector Forecast: What Should You Know?
forecasts that 5G base station sector segments will all experience
compound annual growth rates greater than 100 percent over the forecast.
This rapid 5G growth, coupled with continuing growth of 4G networks will
result in equipment for nearly 9.4 million new and upgraded wireless
base station sectors deployed in 2024.

“The 5G era has dawned and we are entering a very dynamic time in the
wireless base station market segment,” noted Eric Higham, Service
Director, Advanced Semiconductor Applications (ASA)
service. “New
architectures incorporating massive MIMO antennas, small cells and
millimeter wave frequencies will provide a wealth of opportunities for
the compound semiconductor industry.”

“Operators are already offering 5G fixed and mobile broadband services
and we expect to see these offerings expand quickly,” observed Christopher
Taylor, Director of the RF and Wireless Components (RFWC)
“These new 5G offerings will increase base station sector and user
equipment volumes, but they will also be beneficial for the underlying
4G networks, which are required as anchors and for fallback outside of
5G coverage areas.”

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