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McAfee MVISION Cloud Integrates with Google Cloud Platform to Offer Enhanced Security Tool

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McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, today announced its
support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Security Command Center
(Cloud SCC). McAfee MVISION Cloud now integrates with GCP Cloud SCC to
help security professionals gain visibility and control over their cloud
resources and detect and respond to threats. Cloud SCC users can gain
enriched information from the extensive configuration audit capabilities
of McAfee MVISION Cloud to locate hidden risks and enforce configuration
best practices.

Generally available today, Cloud SCC is a comprehensive security
management and data risk platform for GCP, designed to help security
teams prevent, detect and respond to threats from a
single-pane-of-glass. It provides visibility in what assets are running
in Google Cloud as well as risky misconfigurations, so enterprises can
reduce their exposure to threats.

With incident data from McAfee MVISION Cloud, Cloud SCC becomes an even
more powerful tool to improve an organization’s security and risk
posture within GCP. Key benefits include:

  • Incident Investigation: With an added layer of visibility from
    McAfee MVISION Cloud, security professionals can prioritize violations
    and investigate activities, anomalies and threats with improved
  • Configuration Auditing: Users can leverage industry-benchmarked
    configuration audit policies designed to comprehensively evaluate GCP
    resources and give an end-to-end assessment of risk.
  • Security and Compliance Controls: Users can be notified to take
    action deep within the family of GCP services to correct policy
    violations and stop security threats.

“With McAfee MVISION Cloud for CSCC, security operations professionals
can tap into the extensive cloud security incident data from McAfee
MVISION Cloud for an added layer of insight to improve their security
and compliance outcomes,” said Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president, Cloud
Security Business Unit, McAfee. “Users will have the ability to make
quicker and more informed actions in Cloud SCC, ultimately resulting in
enhanced security and improved business impact.”

In close partnership with Google Cloud, McAfee allows customers to build
their security and event management ecosystems in an easy, intuitive
way. The ability to choose the most relevant metrics from any vendor and
collect that data in one place allows organizations to get the best
usage out of GCP with the minimal amount of risk. McAfee worked closely
with Google to ensure the seamless sharing of this critical security
incident data so that customers can spend more time being productive in
the cloud, and less time worried about locating hidden risk.

As a McAfee MVISION Cloud customer, we can now extend our commitment to
GCP with a stronger ability to protect our data,” said Dan Meacham, vice
president, Security and Operations at Legendary Entertainment. This
relationship will provide us with integrated security solutions that
help us resolve more threats faster with fewer resources. The work
McAfee is doing with GCP showcases its “together is better” philosophy
and reaffirms its commitment to existing customers and prospects seeking
a reduction in tools and dashboards.”

McAfee MVISION Cloud is currently available on the GCP

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