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Lytics Announces StartSmart, Removing Complexity and Decreasing Time to Value of Marketing Technology Deployments

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Today, Lytics, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) that bridges the gap between data and decisions, announced the publicly available StartSmart program. With StartSmart, customers will go through an 8-week program of marketing strategy and tactics guidance leading to the launch of a cross-channel experience of their choice. While most data projects require well over a year or more to recognize value, Lytics’ step-by-step program helps marketers determine the highest yielding opportunity to meet goals that positively impact customer lifetime value. StartSmart allows marketers to confidently minimize risk in their customer data platform investment.

The 8-week program meant for dynamic marketing teams includes guided platform trainings, strategic consulting, and technical guidance to achieve key milestones including:

  • Building the foundation of a unified customer profile
  • Understanding customers’ content interests
  • Aligning business objective to a goal-driven customer journey
  • Uncovering insights based on customer behaviors
  • Discovering why customers convert
  • Launching integrated cross-channel experiences

Pro Football Focus (PFF) went through the StartSmart program and saw immediate results. As Geoff Beers, Director of Consumer Marketing at PFF shares, “Lytics exceeded our expectations in providing return-on-investment quickly. Our subscription model serves several different categories of football fans. Lytics has already helped us identify and target our distinct audiences with more personalized messages.”

Beers continues, “We created a one-week free trial campaign to get visitors to sign up for one of our products. We leveraged Lytics personalized web experiences to drive traffic and content engagement in addition to other non-Lytics channels. At the end of the campaign, we saw that out of converted visitors, more than 60 percent were from Lytics experiences. While this was a small initial campaign, we were able to show actual success metrics which got our marketing teams excited and engaged in other ways they could take advantage of Lytics.”

James McDermott, CEO and co-founder of Lytics explains, “The CDP market is diverse in what it promises with most focused on data management. Lytics differentiates itself as helping marketers discover customer insights and orchestrating marketing experiences that directly impact the entire customer lifecycle: customer acquisition, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, customer renewals, customer engagement, and winning back churned customers. We know that as customer acquisition costs go up and customer life-time value goes down, marketers need guidance for quick wins. That’s where StartSmart shines. Marketers will see the impact they can make to meeting company goals and be confident in their technology investment.”

A dedicated StartSmart team will guide customers through a step-by-step process of understanding the Lytics platform and delivering a new, coordinated marketing program that moves the business toward a customer-centric, data-driven way of thinking. More detailed information can be found here.

About Lytics:

Lytics helps marketers bridge the gap between data to decisions to offer their audience the next best experience through the industry’s most advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP). Since 2014, Lytics has enabled popular media, entertainment, consumer goods, travel, hospitality, and leading tech brands to deliver marketing programs their customers welcome. Brands using Lytics include Nestle, The Economist, AEG, Atlassian, Heineken and 1-800 Contacts. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Lytics is led by marketing and technology veterans who’ve held leadership positions at Webtrends, Urban Airship, Tripwire, and Puppet.