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ClinOne to Offer Free Patient Recruitment to Clinical Trial Sponsors In 2020

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ClinOne is launching its direct-to-patient recruitment platform in Q1 2020. The technology will provide recruitment in the first quarter of the year in the U.S., expanding to additional regions the following quarter. The technology will allow patients to navigate clinical trial options near their home or place of work.

The ClinTrialConnect technology will automatically integrate with disease associations and social media, including Google and Facebook.

ClinTrialConnect will include screening questions for patients, to help mitigate unqualified patients being admitted into trials. This series of screening questions for patients and their caregivers will be designed to better understand their disease and identify which patients match a specific trial.

“In our initial launch phase of this technology, we would like to have sponsors pilot our technology at no cost through 2020, measure success, and provide valuable feedback to our organization,” according to Rob Bohacs, ClinOne CEO. “This feedback will ultimately benefit all sponsors as it will help us improve upon the app, should we see from the data that this is indicated.”

Sponsors are encouraged to contact ClinOne to learn more and sign up for this complimentary opportunity. It could be a game changer for sites and ultimately for their patients.

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