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Intelsat Reports Intelsat 29e Service Outage

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Intelsat, S.A. (NYSE:I) announced today a service outage on the Intelsat
29e satellite which continues to affect maritime, aeronautical and
wireless operator customers in the Latin America, Caribbean and North
Atlantic regions.

Late on 7 April, the Intelsat 29e propulsion system experienced damage
that caused a leak of the propellant on board the satellite resulting in
a service disruption to customers on the satellite. While working to
restore the services, on 9 April, the satellite experienced a second
anomaly that caused a loss of communications to the satellite.
Communication with the satellite has been intermittent. Intelsat
continues to work with the satellite’s manufacturer, Boeing, on
recovering communication. The Intelsat customer-facing team is focused
on migrating customer services from Intelsat 29e to other Intelsat
satellites serving the region, as well as third party services.

Intelsat will not make a determination of financial impact until the
conclusion of the recovery mission.

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