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Visa Receives £37m Over Data Breach Incident

Heartland Payment Systems agrees to pay as much as $60 million (£37m) to Visa to address losses by credit and debit cardholders affected by the data breach Heartland suffered in 2008

Iomega Offers Virtual PC Clones

Storage provider Iomega is now offering technology that will allow users to keep a virtual copy of their computer in their pocket

Kingston Admits To Secure USB Drive Flaw

There are red faces over at Kingston after the company admitted that a number of its encrypted USB sticks can be hacked, and asked customers to return the affected drives

Scareware On The Rise Over 2009 Says FBI

From serving malicious ads to poisoning search engine results for recently deceased actress Brittany Murphy, rogue antivirus operations have been going strong all year

Illegal File-Sharing Rife In UK, Claims BPI

Illegal file-sharing is as widespread as ever, despite plans for new government legislation to cut off pirates, but Rage Against the Machine proves there is still hope for legal downloading

Details Emerge Of Latest Twitter Attack

The attack that took down Twitter on 17 Dec. used legitimate credentials to log in and redirect to a site purporting to be under the control of the Iranian Cyber Army

Iraqi Militants Hack US Predator Drones

Militants have hacked Predator drone feeds using software that costs less than $30, but US military officials insist hackers have not been able to disrupt the drone missions

Twitter Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army

Twitter was hijacked between 10pm and 11pm Pacific time on 17 December, and was replaced it by a screen which read: “This Website Has Been Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army”

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