Here Is A Gaping Windows 7 Hole!

While testing Windows 7 for eWEEK, Andrew Garcia found something nasty: in certain circumstances, Windows 7 provides anyone with an administrator account that has no password

Apple Issues Another Security Update

Apple issues an update to fix a bug affecting Mac OS X, including server editions. The patch comes shortly after Apple pushed out 18 fixes to users.

Toughbooks Get Tougher Says Panasonic

The Panasonic Toughbook 19, Toughbook 30 and Toughbook U1 mobile computers now meet more demanding military specifications for drops, vibration and use in all types of miserable weather, Panasonic says

US Bank Allows Cheques To Be Uploaded By iPhone

USAA, a private bank and insurer in the US, is updating its Apple iPhone app so account holders can simply photograph both sides of a cheques and then deposit it straight to an account.

Is Apple’s Security Reputation Under Threat?

Is it finally time for the company to admit that its operating system is as susceptible to security issues as Windows? Apple would be doing a good service to Mac users if it started advising its customers to pay closer attention to security before hackers have a chance to prove just how vulnerable Mac OS X can be

US Planning To Jam Prison Mobiles

Legislation would carve out an exception to a national law that outlaws wireless jamming devices, allowing such wireless jamming devices to be used in correctional facilities

Apple Slams Door On iPhone SMS Bug

Apple has swatted a bug in the iPhone that security researchers Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner spotlighted at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas

Firefox Breaks 1 Billion Mark To Challenge IE

Mozilla Firefox, the open-source challenger to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, passed the 1-billion download mark on 31 July, with a Website and Twitter feed marking the occasion

Apple Claims Unlocking iPhone Could Lead To Cyber-Attacks

In a response filed with the U.S. Copyright Office, Apple claims jailbreaking, or unlocking, its iPhone smartphone could lead to potential cyber-attacks, cell tower manipulation, increased drug deals and the end of the world in general

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