Virgin Media Outage Takes London Borough Councils Offline

Virgin Media fixes problems in London after difficult week

Virgin Media has restored broadband services to a number of businesses in London, including as many as 12 Borough Councils, following an outage.

A number of councils began reporting a loss of service this morning, including Bromley, Camden, Sutton and Kensington & Chelsea.

“London wide problem with Virgin Media this morning,” Camden Council told residents on Twitter. “They are working to resolve ASAP. It may take a bit longer to get in touch with us.”

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Virgin Media business outage

Virgin Media acknowledged the problem on its official Twitter account but has now told Silicon the issues have been resolved.

“Following a fibre break this morning, which caused a temporary loss of service for some of our business customers in London, we can now confirm that services have been restored to the Borough Councils,” said the company in a statement. “We apologise to those who were affected.”

However the problems mark a difficult week for the Liberty Global-owned operator.

A BBC investigation found many Virgin Media customers were only receiving a fraction of the speeds they were promised, while a separate report in the Telegraph claimed the firm’s £3 billion network expansion was well behind schedule. According to the paper, Virgin was 61 percent short of its goal.

In May, it admitted the pace of ‘Project Lightning’ had slowed down in the first quarter of 2017, but promised there would be more progress in the second half of the year.

A separate outage on the Openreach network in East Sussex earlier this week impacted customers of TalkTalk, Sky and BT.

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